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  • "Sustainability Reporting and Analytics: Measuring Impact and Driving Performance" >

    Learn how SAP Sustainability Performance Management can help you manage economic, social, and environmental risks and opportunities. You can communicate performance, set goals and objectives, monitor activities, and reduce data collection and reporting time and complexity.

  • "Marketing Made Easier with Business Intelligence: Overview Video" >

    View this video of how Megan, a marketing professional, has an "a-ha" moment when she realizes analytics can make work easier by helping to change marketing offers and improve campaign performance.

  • "SAP Access Control rapid-deployment solution" >

    Manage and monitor user access, everyday and during emergencies. With this preconfigured solution, you can automate reviews of role authorizations, risk violations, and control assignments – while minimizing the time and cost of mitigating access risk.

  • "Driving Excellence in Implementation and Beyond" >

    Achieving extraordinary results isn’t a matter of luck. It requires superior planning and a commitment to 10 principles of quality. Find out how applying these 10 principles of quality can help you establish predictability in your implementation and keep your effort and achieved business value in the right balance.

  • "EADS N.V.: Customer Reference Video" >

    EADS N.V. is Europe's largest aerospace and defense company and does business around the world. Learn how the organization is using SAP BusinessObjects Global Trade Services to gain visibility into processes, achieve transparent export control, and track the entire production chain.

  • "Reduce Access Risks While Decreasing Costs" >

    Address global compliance challenges, reduce access-related audit findings, and achieve compliant provisioning. Learn how SAP customers automate access control and increase user responsibility across the access management process with the SAP Access Control application.

  • "EIU Infographic: 6 Risk Management Challenges...and How To Overcome Them" >

    View this infographic that shares results of EIU surveys of several hundred global senior executives revealing the key challenges facing risk managers and point to potential solutions.

  • "Technische Universität Darmstadt" >

    Get an inside look at how this German university aligned user permissions with roles and responsibilities, preserved data consistency across applications, and maintained an audit trail for regulatory compliance by implementing SAP NetWeaver ID Management and SAP BusinessObjects Access Control.

  • "Streamline Financial Consolidation and Reporting for a Faster Close" >

    See how SAP Financial Consolidation provides the power and confidence to close your books quickly and accurately. It lets you meet regulatory consolidation and reporting requirements by delivering the control your head finance office needs, along with the flexibility to handle the local reporting needs of subsidiaries.

  • "Provimi Holdings" >

    Learn how Provimi Holdings, based in the Netherlands, is one of the top three pet food companies in Western Europe. Read how it applied SAP BusinessObjects GRC solutions to increase company value by gaining the support to keep risk of authorization violation under control.

  • "SAP BusinessObjects GRC Solutions – Enabling Enterprise Risk Management: Product Demo" >

    Find out how SAP BusinessObjects GRC solutions enable you to identify potential high-risk transactions, and assess, monitor, and share information about key risks.

  • "Supply Chain/Procurement Made Easier with Business Intelligence: Overview Video" >

    Watch how Brian, a procurement professional, has an "a-ha" moment when he realizes how analytics can make work easier and help optimize supply-chain performance for increased customer satisfaction.

  • "Solution Overview: Technology Solutions: Analytics Solutions from SAP" >

    Learn how SAP software can help companies use analytics to make better decisions.

  • "Accelerating the Financial Closing Process with SAP Solutions" >

    SAP provides integrated financial management applications designed to give your financial staff simplified access to relevant financial information. Get an in-depth overview of how SAP solutions provide company-wide accessibility so you can accelerate an accurate financial closing cycle at any level.

  • "Embedded Solutions and Platforms for OEMs from SAP: Solutions Guide" >

    Discover how OEMs can accelerate time to market and help their customers create value. OEMs can embed SAP solutions and platforms directly into their applications and offer their customers the best of both worlds: unparalleled functionality backed by the OEM's deep industry knowledge and expertise.

  • "Streamlined Planning and a Faster, More Compliant Close" >

    Learn how SAP Business Planning and Consolidation accelerates financial reporting processes. Find out how it supports planning, budgeting, and forecasting capabilities with management and legal consolidation functionality – all in a single application.

  • "Natura " >

    To strengthen its governance model and meet its expanding needs, Brazilian cosmetics and personal care products manufacturer Natura upgraded to SAP Access Control. Learn about the benefits the company is seeing, including an 87% reduction in security risk level, the creation of a risk control culture, and gains in productivity.

  • "Titanium Metals: Customer Testimonial Video" >

    View how Titanium Metals chose SAP BusinessObjects software to help unify its global set of KPIs. It's favorite result? The dashboard that changed the way the company manage orders.

  • "Data to Decisions: Overview Video" >

    Get an introduction to the new "data-to-decisions" packages from SAP and hear how these packages can help businesses analyze Big Data in real time for any use case, so that business can make truely intelligent decisions.

  • "UNE" >

    Learn how SAP software for profitability and cost management provides this telecommunications company with an intuitive tool for releasing timely operating, analytical, and managerial reports at less cost – giving it improved cost management and profitability analysis.


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