Reducing Downtime in Transportation Maintenance

Transportation industry: Reversing troubling maintenance trends could save billions

Every minute that a major piece of transportation equipment isn’t working impacts the bottom line. Airlines have the data they need to reduce these delays – which could save them billions and increase customer satisfaction. So why aren’t they accessing it?

Illustration of a jet in flight
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Airplane seats

Fit to Fly: Cut Delays with Predictive Maintenance

Research consistently shows that maintenance is a major contributing factor to airline delays. So how can airlines reduce maintenance problems to keep planes in the air and ensure they fly on time? By mastering the art of predictive maintenance.

Figure looking at an airplane

Getting Transportation Assets Off the Ground

Air carriers lose a whopping $10,000 per plane for every hour spent on the ground. Read this brief to learn how airlines can take the guesswork out of running their transportation assets – to positively impact costs, safety, and customer satisfaction.

Airplanes in a holding pattern

Breaking the Maintenance Holding Pattern

Maintenance issues can stack up like air traffic with no place to land. Find out how a new approach to airline maintenance can optimize the lifetime of multi-million dollar planes – in this Q&A with experts from Accenture, InfoTrust Group, and SAP.

Maintenance worker conducting service on an airplane

Big Data & Airlines: Are You Flying Blind?

Most major airlines aren’t prepared to deal with the unexpected – such as unforeseen engine faults or prematurely worn-out tires. Find out how predictive maintenance can help your engineers fix components that are about to fail, just before they do.

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Data-Sharing Qualms Could Endanger Passengers

Data sharing between airline MROs could make flights safer, timelier, more fuel efficient. So why haven’t they learned to share?

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