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Don Tapscott on resource management optimization: How do we solve the problem of scarcity?

As the Industrial Age comes to an end, growth and consumption are placing unprecedented demands on our physical resources. In the video Resource Scarcity in a World of Overcapacity, author and CEO Don Tapscott describes the shift in resource management optimization that must take place in order to address the problem of scarcity and increase standards of living across the planet.

Screen cap of Don Tapscott video on the future of resource management
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Line of camels being led across the desert

Defining the Future of Resource Management

At a time when many of the planet’s resources are becoming scarce, resource management optimization is a must. Discover how forward-thinking companies are creating new resource management models that enable more people to share fewer resources, reduce inventory costs and streamline supply lines.

Happy couple car shopping

Welcome to the New Sharing Economy

Why own when you can rent something better? Learn about the rise of the sharing economy and see four compelling examples – from rentable fashion to co-working – that could spark ideas on how your company can capitalize on this trend to reduce financial risk, streamline resource use, and lower costs.

Person reading a map

The Definitive Network Map

The strength of a business network lies in the number of connections it has. Discover the lesson companies can learn from the London Underground and the role that new technology can play to help your business thrive – from mapping out your network to growing the number and value of your connections.

Woman in library working on computer

Help Wanted: Where are the Skilled Workers?

One of the biggest roadblocks to growth is finding workers with the necessary skills and training to get the job done. Demand for highly qualified people is expected to increase by 16 million between now and 2020. Discover how forward-thinking organizations are helping to train the workforce of the future.


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