Resource Optimization

The future of predictive resource management

Resource management used to mean overstuffing warehouses to avoid running out of stock. Today executives need better ways to manage inventory – and to predict how economic, environmental, or social issues will affect their company, customers, and supply chain. Explore leading research from Aberdeen, Cap Gemini, and the Tapscott Group to find out why predictive analytics is the strategy of tomorrow – in this SAP report, “The Future of Resource Management: Become Predictive.”

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Filling the Information Gap in the Supply Chain

According to a recent Cap Gemini survey, more than half of supply chain managers reported that supply chain issues have had a significant negative impact on revenue or profitability. Here are three ways companies can change these statistics.

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New Strategies in Resource Management

Companies today must predict what customers will want tomorrow, and then smartly manage their resources to provide it. Understand some of the pressures facing resource management organizations and discover top success strategies.

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The Changing Face of Resource Management

The way a company manages suppliers and processes around the globe is becoming a major determinant of brand value, especially as more manufacturing moves offshore. Learn four new ways businesses are better managing their resources.

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Don’t Let Sustainability Ruin the Supply Chain

Research shows that Millennials think businesses should innovate to make the world run better. Read on to discover sustainability strategies that don’t require expensive changes to the supply chain – and that may even improve your bottom line.


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