New Methods of Citizen Engagement

How to reestablish trust in government operations – and why open data and citizen engagement is key

Trust in government remains at a troublingly low level – and the symptoms are real and painful. What can be done? Discover how technology can help the public sector reestablish trust through open data initiatives that boost transparency, accessibility, and citizen engagement. This SAP Center for Business Insight Inquiry explores seven ways to get you started.

The Capital Building in Washington, DC
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Marble pillars

Boston & Philadelphia: Recreating Trust

Find out how the Cities of Boston and Philadelphia are using open data initiatives to reengage with their citizens and help city functions to do their jobs differently and more effectively. Read about their success strategies in this Q&A.

Parliament hall

7 Steps to a More Open Government

Looking for ways to build trust with your citizens? The answer may lie in making data more accessible to the public – from information on streetlights and pothole repairs to crime rates and emergency response times. Here are seven ways to do it.

Citizen using a mobile app

Rushing to Offer New Citizen Apps?

Are you gobsmacked by all of the shiny, new apps that some cities and towns are rolling out to encourage citizens to connect with them? Before you rush in to join the party, read this article on what you may need to tackle first.

 Citizens using laptops to engage with government

How Technology Empowers Citizens

Every now and then we have to remind ourselves that not having access to a computer or a smartphone has more serious consequences than missing out on playing Candy Crush. Examine why putting technology in the hands of more citizens is critical.