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Don Tapscott on the future of business networks

Business networks of the future will have new levels of transparency, flexibility, and collaboration. Thanks to real-time systems that allow us to instantly analyze and evaluate what’s happening and respond in the moment, companies can act in vast peer-to-peer networks. In this video, author and CEO Don Tapscott discusses the profound impact this will have on the way we do business.

Screen cap of The Future of Business Networks video
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Knowledge Innovation and the Future of Business

Wikinomics author Don Tapscott is one of the world’s leading authorities on innovation and the economic and social impact of technology. See what he has to say about the profound changes happening in business and society today, and the role that technology and knowledge innovation play in moving us forward.

Man using tablet device in a cafe

5 Ways to Connect with the Digital Customer

From e-commerce shopping to writing online reviews and recommendations, digital customers are everywhere. But how do you form a lasting relationship with them? The key is looking beyond a single interaction. Discover how to develop relevant and engaging messaging that will build long-term loyalty.

Happy young businesspeople looking at a computer screen

Why SMEs are Winning in Emerging Markets

Small and midsized enterprises (SMEs) are increasingly able to compete with large corporations – especially in new and emerging markets. Discover how SMEs are leveling the playing field by forging strategic partnerships and investing in technology that allows them to respond quickly to market conditions.

Runner racing across finish line

Contracts: Speeding Across the Finish Line

Negotiating customer contracts doesn’t have to be a molasses-slow process that consumes an inordinate amount of resources. Discover how an online business network can make contract management fast, efficient, and painless by using an automated system that bypasses the usual hurdles and speeds up the process.


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