Marketing’s New Mandates

5 business trends: Why marketing must move beyond tactical and start driving business value

In a digital world, it’s no longer possible for a gap to exist between what a business says and what it does. Every CEO needs to clearly articulate the urgency of this new reality and unite the organization around a common strategic goal and consistent message. So where does marketing fit in? Read our strategy paper to find out.

  • Discover how marketing can transform to fully support the company’s brand
  • Learn about the 5 core responsibilities required of modern marketing departments
  • Hear from CMOs who walk the talk – and make an impact on their company’s bottom line
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What Every CEO Should Expect from Their CMO

As the voice of the market, CMOs can help their company determine and support the right brand positioning. But many are not ready to take on this kind of leadership role. Learn how tough love and resources from the CEO can transform marketing – from an order taker to a business driver.

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For Marketers, Hearing (Market) Voices is Good

The voice of the customer is still important, but it’s no longer enough. Discover why you also have to capture the viewpoints of everyone who is not a customer: prospects, partners, competitors, economists, trendsetters – and anyone else who could influence your business or industry.

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The Heaven and Hell of Customer Experience

Most business units focus on the slice of customer experience they’re directly involved with. That’s why marketing needs to become a champion for the customer experience across all channels. Download our brief for tips on fostering a better customer experience across your company.

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3 Prerequisites for CMOs to Lead

Thought leaders urge CEOs to view marketing as a strategic partner – to produce a consistent, cross-channel consumer experience. Cynics argue CEOs will be disappointed by marketing’s ability to deliver. Discover 3 actions CMOs can take to boost customer-centricity – and silence the cynics.


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