Innovation Economy

The Innovation Economy and Manufacturing

The factors that led to economic success in the industrial era are well known: access to land, labor, raw materials, capital, machinery, and innovation. As we leave the industrial economy behind, those traditional advantages are falling away – except for one. Discover why product innovation sparked by manufacturing technologies is leading the new economy – in the research paper “A New Industrial Revolution: The Innovation Economy and Manufacturing.”

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When An Idea Becomes the Product

As new manufacturing technologies take hold and macroeconomic factors shift, a company’s intellectual property (IP) will become its most valuable product. What’s driving this innovation revolution? MIT and SAP experts weigh in.

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5 Ways to Win in the Innovation Economy

We’re entering a new era where manufacturing is a commodity and the idea – intellectual property – trumps all. What does this mean for manufacturers? Explore five ways companies will have to adapt to succeed in the upcoming innovation economy.

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How Value is Shifting in the Innovation Economy

The traditional definition of economic value is shifting quickly – from cheap labor to knowledge workers, and from things you dig out of the ground to the things you dream up out of thin air. This SAP Center for Business Insight infographic shows why.

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Innovation Economy = Death of Manufacturing?

As IP moves onto center stage, is it curtains down for traditional manufacturers? Explore five key trends companies can master to stay in the spotlight – from tracking ideas instead of parts to exploiting intangibles and maximizing efficiencies.