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How millennial employees are shaping the future of business

Millennial employees act, learn, work, and interact in a way that’s entirely different from any generation before them. In this new study, Wikinomics author Don Tapscott (CEO of the Tapscott Group) explores the next generation – including how their habits and expectations will impact the evolving business landscape.

Don Tapscott
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Students working on a project

Preparing Bold Innovators of the Future

Discover BTECH, a six-year program providing a high school diploma plus associate’s degree in computer systems and Web technology. In our drive to educate future leaders, SAP now partners with 1,500+ schools across the globe to provide students hands-on experience with business applications, Big Data, mobile and cloud solutions.

Engaged coworkers talking and smiling

5 Actions That Spark Employee Engagement

When a company turns itself into a community, important things happen. The company’s goals become the individual’s goals. Word gets out that the company is a great place to work, and that in turn attracts even more stellar employees. Discover how to turn your workplace into a community of engaged talent.

Woman smiling while working on a laptop

The Importance of Unlocking Human Potential

More than two-thirds of U.S. workers (70 percent) say they’re either “not engaged” or “actively disengaged” at work. That’s bad news for companies that are already struggling to hire and retain talented employees, while trying to embrace the opportunities and challenges of an increasingly mobile workforce.

Shoes and shoe molds of various sizes

No One Size Fits All for Talent

Despite what many organizations still seem to believe, there is no one-size-fits-all approach that works for managing talent. Changing workforce demographics and the mismatch between the skills that organizations need and those currently on the market are taking a toll on productivity and competitiveness.


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