Customer Centricity in Retail Banking

Retail banking: Follow trends and become more customer-centric – or face a cliff edge

Retail banks have been ignoring key business trends that call for a more customer-centric approach. To their detriment, banks are focusing on processing transactions and containing risk, instead of developing an emotional connection with consumers to drive trust and loyalty. This leaves Google and PayPal wide open to steal business.

  • Learn how banks can surmount decades-old technology and product silos – to become competitive
  • Discover the 3 things banks must do to deliver better products and tackle new opportunities
  • Understand the importance of being a customer-centric bank – and how to become one
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How to Rebuild Banks for Customers

Retail banks are run for bankers, not customers. To renew growth and differentiation, banks must focus on creating an integrated customer experience across multiple channels - especially in their branch networks.

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Retail Banks: Embrace Mobile or Lose

The old retail banking model is already under threat – from Internet-only banks, mobile payment services, and non-bank transaction providers like PayPal, Google, and even Walmart. Learn how retail banks can fight back by creating an integrated customer experience across all channels.

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Banking’s True Advantage: Channels

Banks are losing transaction business, but they have something PayPal can’t beat: A breadth and diversity of banking channels. Branch, Internet, ATM, and mobile services are estimated to be worth up to €20 billion in Europe alone. Find out how banks can leverage this competitive advantage.

Woman making banking transaction

Banks: Bring Customers Back Into the Branch

Banking customers still want face time for many transactions. But few banks are ready to win back customer loyalty: Only 28% of banks considered themselves to be “customer-centric” in a recent report. Read our blog to learn the three keys to restructuring your bank with customers in mind.


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