CIO Business Innovation Guide

The CIO Business Innovation Guide: How to create more value across the organization

CIOs oversee a wealth of data and systems that can drive innovation across the organization. Explore this business innovation guide to learn how CIOs can take a more active leadership role within the company – to help all business units increase productivity, boost revenue growth, and deliver greater customer satisfaction.

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How CIOs Can Become Better Innovators

Forward-thinking CIOs are transforming IT and business processes by creating a management approach that embeds technology investment decisions into larger business decisions. Discover how to create and manage the necessary capacity for change and collaboration across the company.

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4 Steps to Business Model Innovation

Before they can lead business model change, CIOs need to stop spending all their time running the IT department. Discover the four steps CIOs must take in order to develop a transformation-focused IT organization that leverages technology to achieve the greatest benefits for the business.

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Innovation: Think Outside the Business Model

In order to innovate, CIOs must transform IT from a support function into a source of ideas for new business models – models that will drive revenue and allow for deeper engagement with customers. Discover how CIOs can make IT a source of growth rather than a cost to be controlled.

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