Thought leadership: 5 Trends your business should watch

At the SAP Center for Business Insight, our focus is on uncovering the key trends that will affect the future of your business. Start by reading our trend overviews, and then delve into the new ideas within the areas of Insight Driven Innovation, Customer Insights, Employee Insights, Resources Insights or Networks Insights. Help shape the future by letting us know what you think.

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Key Trend: Customers Will Shape Business

Customer involvement will soon go beyond sales, service, and marketing – to encompass everything from demand and design to production and delivery. Companies must organize in new ways to respond with speed, consistency, and individualized service.

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Key Trend: Individuals Will Propel Change

Major increases in connectivity let individuals enlist peers to advocate for massive change. Led by the digital natives, many people are reshaping their roles as employees, citizens, and members of society. How will this trend affect your business?

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Key Trend: Resources Will Need Responsibility

Physical resources are becoming scarce just as virtual resources are exploding in scale and value. Firms must learn to track, measure, and manage the virtual while minimizing the cost of using physical resources – both to the company and the environment.

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Key Trend: Supply Chains Will Become Networks

Breakthroughs in manufacturing such as 3D printing will drive extreme customization and localization of products and services. Companies must build closer connections to their business networks to keep innovation flowing and costs under control.