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In today’s increasingly data-driven world, SAP stands on the edge of enormous opportunity. To achieve our ambitious goals, we are recruiting executive leaders who will develop and deploy our corporate strategy – while keeping the focus on our customers. We’re looking for candidates who will inspire employees to outperform expectations and deliver sustainable results. Help us bring our goals to life – and transform the world of business.

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Read the latest news from SAP and discover how we’re changing the way companies do business.

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Founded in 1972, SAP has grown into the world’s largest provider of business software. Our solutions touch more than 63% of the world’s financial transaction revenue, impact over 500 million people, and are used by 230,000+ customers in 180 countries.



At SAP, innovation is at the heart of everything we do. We are constantly working to transform our products, services, and technologies to meet our customers’ changing needs, help them run more effectively, and pass the value on to their own customers.

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Through forward-thinking decision making, SAP has evolved to become an amazing growth company. The market and our customers clearly recognize our innovation-driven transformation. Learn more about our performance to see why investors love us.

Leadership at SAP

Leadership at SAP

SAP CEO Bill McDermott shares his personal view on leadership.

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Our Vision, Mission, and Passions

We’re on a mission to help the world run better and improve people’s lives. As an SAP executive, you’ll play a lead role in making it happen.

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SAP’s Sustainability Strategy

Sustainability is core to our business – from our solutions to our operations to our social investments. See how this is driving performance.

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Employees and Social Investment

Diversity is more than just a policy, it's a smart way to do business – and key to our sustainable growth, innovation, and competitive edge.

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