Design Thinking with SAP

The demand for innovation is ever changing and we know you are inundated with messages about disruptive technology. We are ready to help you navigate and benefit from this challenge by approaching your problems differently, from the human side.

We do this through a unique combination of Design Thinking and Business Thinking. Together, we will put ourselves in the shoes of your customers to create new value for your customers and your company.

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Customer Stories

SAP is uniquely qualified to explore emerging behaviors and new business models, and make value creating connections to disruptive technology. Read how some of our customers benefited from using Design Thinking with SAP techniques.

Customer Experience

Discount Tire shares the change in their approach to problems with SAP. Through a Design Thinking approach Discount Tire is continuing on their path revolutionizing their customer experience.

Design Thinking with SAP YouTube playlist

Re-imagine how we bank

What if a bank manager can work throughout her busy schedule? Watch how Jessie meets with clients at home, in the office, and even at a coffee shop -- bringing her closer to her customer's needs.

Design Thinking with SAP customer stories

Re-imagine game day

Imagine if connecting to your favorite team was simple. Take a journey with one sports fan as she uses her GoTeam app to enhance her game day experience, finding tickets, reserving hotels, and meeting her new boyfriend.