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  • "Burrows Paper Corporation: Customer Testimonial Video" >

    Learn how SAP Business All-in-One is giving Burrows Paper Corporation access to real time transactions, more accurate inventory monitoring, and shop floor flexibility to better manage costs.

  • "Network Services Company: Customer Testimonial Video" >

    Network Services Company is a group of independent distributors that supply products to the janitorial, cleaning, healthcare, and food service industries. Watch how the group uses SAP Business All-in-One to consolidate business systems across its member organizations and better connect with customers.

  • "GreenBlue: Meet Our Customer Video" >

    See why GreenBlue delivers cost savings and lowers carbon emissions through a hydrogen-based catalyst in diesel engines for more efficient fuel combustion. GreenBlue deployed the SAP Business All-in-One solution in just four weeks to better commercialize its innovative technology as efficiently as possible.

  • "Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation" >

    Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation wanted to improve employee efficiency and loyalty. Read how it used SAP Business One to automate its internal IT services – increasing service request completion time, decreasing maintenance costs, and reducing inventory.

  • "SAP Software Tailored for Retailers" >

    Learn about the SAP Business All-in-One for Retail solution, a comprehensive enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution based on proven best practices. Find out how the software, which is designed for rapid implementation at a predefined price, can help you realize a fast return on your investment.

  • "Coolerado: Customer Reference Video" >

    Coolerado Corp. manufacturers, markets, and distributes innovative, energy-efficient air-conditioners and related equipment. Learn how this ambitious company is using SAP Business ByDesign to quickly qualify leads, better manage inventory, increase margins, boost profitability, and more.

  • "Packsize: Meet Our Customer Video" >

    Find out why Packsize International, manufacturer of on-demand packaging machines, chose an SAP Business All-in-One solution to provide the full ERP functionality and visibility into its operations that would allow the business to grow without limitations.

  • "World Class ERP for Small Business? You Can't Afford Not To!" >

    Find out how small companies have achieved average cost savings, return on investment, and improvements since implementing ERP. Learn about the benefites of a world-class ERP implementation. (Mint Jutras, 2013).

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  • "Real-Time Analytics and Reporting for Small Businesses" >

    Learn how your small business can gain real-time access to information to support decision making -- and explore it in detail without IT assistance -- with analytics for SAP Business One. Powered by SAP HANA, these analytics give you instant business insight and transform your organization into a real-time business.

  • "Pulca Chemicals: Customer Testimonial Video" >

    Learn how SAP channel partner Seidor successfully connected Pulcra Chemicals to nine countries across the globe in only nine months. The worldwide operating supplier of innovative specialty chemicals is now using SAP Business All-in-One for Chemicals to automate processes and gain global transparency.

  • "Winning with an Intuitive Business Intelligence Solution for Midsize Companies" >

    Learn how midsize companies like yours can find success with business intelligence solutions that are both powerful and affordable. Read how SAP BusinessObjects BI, Edge edition, offers new levels of intuitive functionality for all your business users – and real-world deployment flexibility at an accessible price.

  • "Flemingo" >

    As Flemingo grows, visibility and control over operations is a must. But the company’s IT applications were not integrated and often required manual intervention. With the SAP Business All-in-One for Wholesale Distribution solution, disparate systems are integrated and industry best practices are at the forefront of operational processes.

  • "Fisker Automotive: 360-Degree Customer Video" >

    View how Fisker Automotive leverages SAP in its day-to-day activities.

  • "Nashua Communications: Customer Testimonial Video" >

    Nashua Communications is a leading provider of enterprise network and communication solutions. Watch this video and see why the midsize company turned to SAP, taking advantage of analytics functionality available in SAP Business One, which is powered by the SAP HANA platform.

  • "Fr. Jacob Söhne: Customer Reference Video" >

    Fr. Jacob Söhne is the number one modular pipework systems company in Europe and uses SAP Business All-in-One to enhance its metal processing production. Learn how the company uses SAP solutions to understand its business and map out a plan for success.

  • "GreenBlue: 360 Degree Customer Video" >

    Check out how GreenBlue delivers cost savings and lowers carbon emissions through a hydrogen-based catalyst in diesel engines for more efficient fuel combustion. GreenBlue implemented the SAP Business All-in-One solution in just four weeks to better commercialize its own innovative technology efficiently.

  • "Koehler Paper Group: Customer Testimonial Video" >

    Koehler Paper Group is a world leading provider of thermal paper, playing cards, and coasters. Watch how the SAP HANA platform, based on in-memory computing technology, provides immediate results and business benefits for this midsize company.

  • "Spread Networks: Customer Testimonial Video" >

    Spread Networks was built from the ground up to set a new standard for latency from Chicago to New York. Watch how it implemented SAP Business All-in-One Fast-Start and was up and running on a world-class ERP system in just 12 weeks.

  • "Burrows Paper Corporation" >

    With eight plants in the United States, Burrows Paper Corporation, a worldwide supplier of paper and packaging solutions, was looking for greater integration and tighter cost control. An SAP Business All-in-One solution enabled it to gain the centralized functions and access to real-time date that it needed.

  • "CompressorWorks: CustomerTestimonial Video" >

    Learn how CompressorWorks is improving efficiency and visibility company-wide using SAP Business All-in-One fast start.


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