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  • "CAP France BAT" >

    The SAP Business All-in-One for Engineering, Construction & Operations solution combined with industry best practices is helping CAP France BAT better manage projects and is improving visibility and delivery for its customers.

  • "Resellers of SAP Crystal Solutions: Latin America" >

    Review this listing of resellers of SAP Crystal solutions in Latin America to find their e-mail addresses and telephone numbers. Talk to one of these specialists to get presales support and answers to technical questions that can help you choose the right solution to fit your needs.

  • "Mobile and SAP: Not Just for Large Enterprises" >

    See why the question for your business isn’t if or when it will embrace mobile adoption – it’s how. Learn how SAP can help you build your mobile enterprise – big or small.

  • "Ozone Overseas Private Limited: Customer Testimonial Video" >

    Ozone Overseas, an architectural hardware solutions company, was facing challenges in controlling a complex business with 3000 products. Watch why the company chose SAP Business One software to get visibility into its inventory and improve efficiency of sales-order processes.

  • "Sequel Logistics" >

    Sequel Logistics leveraged an SAP-qualified rapid-deployment solution from Yash Technologies for the SAP ERP Human Capital Management solution as well as an SAP Business All-in-One solution, to better manage talent and recruit the best people on the market.

  • "Financial Analytics with SAP Business ByDesign - Analyzing Financial Performance: Product Demo" >

    Watch this self-running demonstration and get a brief overview of financial analytics functionality in the SAP Business ByDesign solution.

  • "Saladino's: Customer Reference Video" >

    Saladino's is a growing foodservice distribution company, based in California. Learn how this innovator is using SAP Business All-in-One to reduce costs, gain greater efficiencies, leverage best practices, and adapt to change and growth.

  • "Desmond Tutu HIV Foundation: Meet Our Customer Video" >

    Here how SAP Business One has given DTHF the control and insight that allows them to secure future funding from organizations by showing fund management, grant control and financial transparency, all whilst saving up to 400,000 Rand a year.

  • "Alpargatas USA" >

    This U.S. subsidiary of a major Brazilian footwear firm began trading five years ago. Recognition from the fashion world and popularity with a wide range of consumers boosted sales and product variants. Read here how a partner solution based on SAP Business One helped it grow.

  • "Neusoft and Huaxin: Customer Testimonial Video" >

    SAP’s success is fueled by collaboration and co-innovation with our trusted network of partners. See how SAP partner, Neusoft is reaping rewards of being part of SAP ecosystem and how this partnership helps our SAP Business One customer Huaxin, an environmental textile materials manufacturer in China, become a best run business.

  • "Measure Your Data and Achieve Information Governance Excellence " >

    Read how you can effectively monitor, analyze, and report on data quality using SAP Information Steward to help improve efficiencies and lower costs. Learn how to get rid of incomplete, inaccurate, and inconsistent data and improve effectiveness of operational, analytical, and governance initiatives.

  • "Thomas Tighe: Customer Testimonial Video " >

    Listen to how Thomas Tighe's personal commitment and dedication to giving back to the community were forged at a very young age and has continued throughout his life. Now as the President and CEO of Direct Relief International, created to help those in need, he relies on SAP solutions to help him and his company run better.

  • "Chartright Air Group: Customer Testimonial Video" >

    Chartright Air Group is an aircraft asset management company that provides an end-to-end turnkey solution to wealthy individuals who own a private jet. Watch how SAP Business All-in-One is helping the company drive efficiency and eliminate redundant processes.

  • "SAP Business One Mobile App for iPhone and iPad" >

    Read how the SAP Business One mobile app for iPhone and iPad enables you to run your business from any location, at any time. Managers, executives, sales reps, and service technicians can stay informed about their business, view reports, manage contacts, and handle sales, service, and operational activities.

  • "Bowip Agencies " >

    Discover why Kenya-based Bowip Agencies chose SAP Business One as an affordable solution for managing the entire business, including accounting, financials, sales, customer relationships, warehousing, reporting, and operations.

  • "Gallus BioPharmaceuticals" >

    Read how Gallus BioPharmaceuticals uses EzLifeSciences offered by Answerthink and based on the SAP Business All-in-One for Life Sciences solution to support operations and compliance on an integrated, scalable application. Gallus helps its customers bring novel drugs to market quickly, safely, and cost-effectively.

  • "Prognosys: Customer Reference Video" >

    Prognosys Pvt. Ltd. is the number one IT research firm in India. Discover how this rapidly growing organization is using SAP Business ByDesign to avoid unnecessary costs, accelerate processes, track sales to target the right opportunities, and flexibly grow the business.

  • "Duke University Health Systems: Customer Testimonial Video" >

    find out why Duke University Health Systems relies on Afaria from Sybase iAnywhere to securely manage PDAs that clinicians use to access and update patient information and applications for more efficient and effective patient care.

  • "Ego Pharmaceuticals: 360 Degree Customer Video" >

    Learn how implementing an SAP Business All-in-One solution and SAP BusinessObjects Edge Business Intelligence helped Ego reduce errors, cut costs, and gain greater transparency.

  • "PureEnergy: Customer Video" >

    View the video t learn how Boulder, Colorado-based PureEnergy is using the SAP Business ByDesign solution to gain insight into its rapidly growing energy business.


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