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  • "SAP ERP HCM to SFSF Integration Rapid Deployment Solution: Product Demo " >

    Learn more about this rapid-deployment solution supporting the integration between the SAP ERP Human Capital Management (SAP ERP HCM) solution and SuccessFactors Business Execution (BizX) Suite. See why integrated data, such as basic employee and compensation planning, is the basis for running a hybrid, 'pay-for-performance' process.

  • "Run Better with Solutions for Your Most Urgent Business Needs" >

    Find out about the wide range of SAP solutions that are specifically designed for rapid deployment. Discover the many solutions that are available for your industry, line of business, and business process needs.

  • "SAP ERP Finance and Controlling rapid-deployment solution" >

    Increase the accuracy of your financial reporting and improve cash management – in just a few weeks. By implementing our affordable ERP software for finance and controlling, you can streamline processes and reduce the cost of risk and compliance.

  • "Increasing the Transparency of Your Revenue Pipeline: Product Demo" >

    See how SAP CRM allows you to manage and analyze channel marketing fund programs such as market development fund or co-op programs. You have the tools you need to comply with financial regulations, drive demand for your products and services, and optimize pipeline performance management.

  • "SAP NetWeaver Master Data Management rapid-deployment solution for customer data integration " >

    Gain a consolidated and harmonized view of customer information. The SAP Customer Data Integration rapid-deployment solution combines software, services, and a preconfigured content to speed the implementation process while reducing cost and risk.

  • "SAP Services: Overview Video" >

    Hear Liz Herbert, principle analyst from Forrester, speak with Greg Tomb, head of SAP Services sales, about productization of services and how prebuilt solutions and prepackaged services can speed time to value and reduce overall cost of ownership, even in the area of custom development.

  • "Test Drive Video: Overview Video" >

    Watch presentations that describe how to execute a test drive with your own data. Interested prospects can use a test drive to experience firsthand the full power of selected rapid-deployment solutions based on the SAP HANA platform.

  • "Manage and Plan Marketing Activities with Analytics: Product Demo" >

    Learn how analytics in the SAP CRM rapid-deployment solution helps marketing executives manage and plan marketing activities by analyzing lead quality and campaign performance, and adjusting tactics.

  • "Springer: Customer Testimonial Video" >

    Review how this German publishing house improved customer service and introduced a single consistent view of the customer by replacing multiple software solutions with SAP CRM. Springer improved customer interaction based on better quality of customer data.

  • "SAP ERP HCM Integration into SuccessFactors rapid-deployment solution: Web Page" >

    Leverage your existing IT investments while taking advantage of rapid innovation in the cloud. Seamlessly integrate your on-premise SAP ERP Human Capital Management (SAP ERP HCM) software with the cloud-based SuccessFactors Business Execution (BizX) Suite. SucessFactors is an SAP company.

  • "SAP PLM rapid-deployment solution" >

    Develop and deliver the high-quality products that can drive your business. You can also enable innovation, streamline processes, and reduce costs – affordably and efficiently.

  • "Lorraine Howell at Illumini: Overview Video" >

    Watch a presentation regarding SAP rapid deployment solutions used by Illumini, based in the United Kingdom that operates as an online artistic, business, and marketing resource center for artists.

  • "SAP Business Communications Management rapid-deployment solution" >

    Improve the quality of your customer interactions with our business communications management solution. In just weeks, you can optimize your inbound contact center and reporting functionality, increase the visibility and control of customer-facing operations, and reduce expenses.

  • "Rapid database migration to SAP Sybase ASE" >

    Get the database migration tools you need to quickly and affordably migrate a test system from any SAP-supported database to SAP Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE) – for lower operating costs, minimized database administration, and improved application performance.

  • "SAP CRM Analytics rapid-deployment solution" >

    Optimize sales activities and marketing campaigns. By running analytics, you can better identify opportunities, accelerate pipelines, convert leads, and improve reporting. You can also gain insight into managing quotations and order processes.

  • "SAP Domestic Freight Tendering rapid-deployment solution" >

    Accelerate outsourced transportation operations by using sophisticated communication channels to compare the services offered by multiple carriers. As the result, you can select the carrier that best meets your shipping requirements.

  • "The SAP Supplier Relationship Management Rapid-Deployment Solution for Self Service Procurement: Overview Video" >

    The SAP SRM rapid-deployment solution for self-service procurement delivers a fixed scope solution, including software and implementation. Customers can go live in 10 weeks with the essential functionality to cost-effectively manage employee self-service shopping carts, punchout catalogs, and approval workflow.

  • "SAP Bills of Material rapid-deployment solution" >

    Align your engineering and manufacturing structures by using an integrated solution that can help you quickly automate and accurately document your production structures for synchronizing and managing eBOMs and mBOMs.

  • "Rapid data migration to SAP CRM and Billing for Utilities" >

    Watch how rapid data migration to SAP Customer Relationship Management and Billing for Utilities enables a safe and trusted data migration based on industry-leading software, a fixed-scope, and predefined services.

  • "Pedrollo" >

    Read how Pedrollo, a supplier of water pumps in Bangladesh, integrated business information across all its sales and distribution centers with SAP Business All-in-One. Employees can now make decisions more effectively, inventory levels have been decreased by 20%, and staff can serve the market more effectively.


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