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  • "Focus on Environmental and Sustainable Practices for Operational Excellence" >

    Hear how The Mosaic Company is operationalizing sustainable business practices in process manufacturing and mining operations to drive strategic priorities and achieve business goals. Standardized processes for data collection, analysis, and reporting support Mosaic's environmental objectives, compliance obligations, and sustainability initiatives.

  • "Simplify Software Selection and Implementation by Using Best Practices" >

    Learn how the SAP Best Practices family of packages makes SAP Business All-in-One solutions more affordable, more flexible, and able to deliver faster time to value. Discover how the building-block approach of SAP Best Practices lets you address requirements now and as needs change.

  • "Implementing TwoGo at Your Company: Overview Video" >

    Take advantage of our customer engagement package that helps you roll-out TwoGo at your company. The package includes hints on who to involve and what kind of organizational tasks need to be performed. We also provide material that you may use for internal marketing of TwoGo.

  • "Product Compliance for Discrete Manufacturers" >

    Learn how functionality in the SAP Environment, Health, and Safety Management application helps you manage product and REACH compliance. And because the software natively integrates with SAP Business Suite applications, you can connect compliance processes with relevant master data and design-to-delivery processes.

  • "Adapt and Win Using the Omni-Channel Supply Chain" >

    Learn to understand customers and consumers better and fulfill their requirements faster. Discover how to adapt to more supple and responsive supply chains. Learn about how SAP customers have met their supply chain challenges.

  • "Make Adaptive Manufacturing Possible in a Changing World" >

    Discover how process and discrete manufacturers increase competitive advantage and minimize operational risk through faster innovation cycles, smarter use of production capacity, increased operational integrity, and revenue growth from aftermarket services.

  • "Social Responsibility at SAP - how we drive social impact globally with Joel Bernstein" >

    The interview will focus on SAP's Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs to help improve people's lives and create positive social impact across the globe. We will highlight the groundbreaking initiatives we are driving in Education in North America, as well as, how SAP solutions, such as HANA, are being used to help solve pressing global problems related to issues such as climate change, crime, environmental sustainability and education.

  • "Idea to Performance: Overview Video" >

    Watch to learn about SAP´s Idea to Performance Strategy. Learn how to integrate your R&D, manufacturing, and service processes – for faster idea to performance.

  • "Dow Corning / RedMonk: Customer Testimonial Video" >

    Listen as Dirk Krüger from Dow Corning explains to Tom Raftery from Redmonk how the global silicon technology producer complies with regulations for packaging, transport of dangerous goods, imports, and exports. Dow Corning can create packaging-waste reports for European countries with SAP Recycling Administration overnight.

  • "Solution Overview: Utilities: Energy Revolution Management " >

    Explore how leading utilities companies are navigating the energy revolution with SAP software.

  • "Etex: Customer Testimonial Video" >

    Watch how Extex, an industrial group that is specialized in the manufacture and marketing of high quality building materials and systems, uses the SAP Sustainability Performance Management software for clearer transparency and real-time reporting and analysis of C02 emissions and accidents.

  • "Drive Performance and Growth with Scalable Solutions for Midsize Companies" >

    Learn how the SAP Business All-in-One solution can help your firm adjust to changing market conditions and lay a strong foundation for growth. Designed for midsize or quickly growing small companies, the business management solution helps integrate and optimize processes across your company at an affordable price.

  • "Solution in Detail: Energy and Sustainable Operations: Operations: Operational Risk Management" >

    Learn how SAP software can help manufacturing and other asset-intensive companies proactively reduce operational risk to improve safety performance, boost productivity, and help ensure business continuity.

  • "SAP Analytics Strategy with Kurt Bilafer" >

    Today's organizations need to transform themselves to sustain long term competitive advantage. The most successful businesses empower their teams to embrace analytics to drive innovation.  SAP enables business transformation by delivering a new breed of real time and mobile analytics to drive growth from all parts of the enterprise.

  • "Drive Global Growth with Optimized Product Innovation and Operations" >

    Innovate for growth and improve operational efficiency through faster, smarter new-product development and manufacturing. Learn how optimized product lifecycle management, manufacturing, and compliance processes at Colgate-Palmolive are increasing speed to market, improving quality, and boosting productivity in operations.

  • "Pave the Way for IT Innovation by Reducing Cost, Risk, and Energy Use" >

    As IT organizations around the world struggle to manage increasing complexity and higher energy costs, find out how you can find the budget to support innovation. Learn more about SAP solutions to help you meet the needs of tomorrow while continuing to provide your company with IT operations services today.

  • "Enterprise & consumer applications on SAP HANA with Amit Sinha" >

    Enterprise & consumer applications on SAP HANA with Amit Sinha.

  • "Pune: Customer Testimonial Video" >

    Pune is the sixth-largest and fastest-growing city in India. Watch how Pune is capturing key information about the development of trees in its city using a mobile app developed on SAP Mobile Platform – increasing the amount of trees in its urban areas to make the city greener and cleaner.

  • "Improve Performance Management on the Shop Floor" >

    Learn how real-time key performance indicators and visibility into shop floor operations is improving operational insight for TreeHouse Foods Inc. Find out how the company is also integrating manufacturing data with enterprise data to connect the shop floor with the rest of the business.

  • "Atos: Customer Testimonial Video" >

    See why Atos chose SAP Sustainability Performance Management for its flexibility, adaptability, and the ability to grow.


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