Givaudan: meeting compliance without disrupting business

Hear Givaudan CIO Adrien Gonckel speak about product compliance and the improvements his company has achieved since implementing sustainability software solutions from SAP. Not only can Givaudan now manage compliance more effectively, but the company can also produce 3,000 to 4,000 documents per day – without errors.*

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= Paper printing executive

Lexmark: Reducing Its Impact on the Environment

Learn how printing and imaging leader Lexmark reduced its carbon footprint and those of its joint customers by partnering with SAP. By revising its business processes, Lexmark – and its customers too – cut paper use, costs, and time.

Steel beams

ArcelorMittal Brazil: Cutting Incidents, Risk, and Cost

Discover how global steel producer ArcelorMittal Brazil is accelerating its accident investigation and reporting processes and making health and safety action plans more effective with SAP Environment, Health, and Safety Management.

A woman's hand reaching for vegetables wrapped in plastic

Nova Chemicals: Streamlining Emissions Compliance

Learn how this Canadian chemical company pulls emissions data into a single application for complex analysis and regulatory reporting.

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