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  • "Transform Your Business Network Through Social Collaboration" >

    Find out how the SAP Jam social software platform can help companies more effectively exchange data, information, and ideas, paving the way for better collaboration and innovation that can drive better business decisions. Learn how 3M is transforming its business through the creation of a social enterprise.

  • "Simplify Software Selection and Implementation by Using Best Practices" >

    Learn how the SAP Best Practices family of packages makes SAP Business All-in-One solutions more affordable, more flexible, and able to deliver faster time to value. Discover how the building-block approach of SAP Best Practices lets you address requirements now and as needs change.

  • "AGL Energy" >

    Read how Australian utility company AGL Energy deployed SAP Test Data Migration Server software to create test and training environments based on real business data. The company reduced costs and increased the quality of development and testing work by reducing nonproduction data volume by up to 90%.

  • "Accelerate Your Business Growth with Cloud Solutions" >

    Get the latest details on the cloud suite from SAP, including the SAP Business ByDesign solution and the SAP Business One application. Listen as Rainer Zinow, senior vice president at SAP in charge of cloud suite strategy, shares news about key customers and partners as well as new technology developments.

  • "Virtualize Your SAP Environment " >

    Find out how a joint solution offering from SAP and VMware can increase IT agility and minimize virtualization risk. This proven solution has already helped SAP customers worldwide transform the way they manage their SAP landscapes - and do more with less.

  • "Solution Overview: Professional Services: IT Management: The Business of IT" >

    Explore how leading professional service companies are making IT strategic for business with SAP software.

  • "LHI Leasing" >

    Find out how LHI Leasing teamed with SAP Consulting to deploy VMware vSphere along with SAP NetWeaver Landscape Virtualization Management to cut end-to-end system refreshes from weeks to hours - and much more. LHI expects to achieve even greater improvements in efficiency, performance, and cost reduction.

  • "CEMIG" >

    CEMIG is one of Brazil’s largest electricity providers. Read how it engaged SAP MaxAttention services to help ensure its SAP solutions achieve maximum performance and stability – establishing archiving and data volume management processes to optimize database usage.

  • "Drive Business Innovation Through Better IT Management with SAP Solutions" >

    Most companies spend a great deal of time and budget configuring, deploying, monitoring, and managing SAP software systems and landscapes, which drives up costs and limits agility. In this infographic, you'll see how challenges, and the strategies to meet them, can be addressed.

  • "Understand Your Customer's Customer Through Social Media" >

    Explore opportunities for learning about your customers, even when you don't know who they are. Find out how Delaware North, a hospitality services company, met the challenge of delivering the best possible customer experience by learning to understand their customers through social media.

  • "Siemens Transportation Systems: Customer Reference Video" >

    Siemens Transportation System is a leading international supplier of technology to the railway industry. Learn how this company is using SAP Productivity Pak by RWD to create a learning environment where users work together to create, coordinate, and distribute critical information.

  • "Move SAP Solutions to Virtualized and Cloud-Based Infrastructures Today" >

    Read how your business can leverage the cloud and virtualization to optimize its existing on-premise SAP software. The SAP Services portfolio of service offerings provides a family of virtualization and cloud management services to empower your successful transition to a virtualized landscape.

  • "Quality Management for SAP Applications" >

    Read how finding issues early reduces the cost and effort of fixing problems with development patches and minimizes the impact of deployments on operations. SAP Quality Center helps identify and address problems before implementation, so projects stay on budget and solutions deliver the improvements expected.

  • "Kwik Trip: Customer Testimonial Video" >

    Kwik Trip is a chain of convenience stores with locations throughout Wisconsin and Minnesota. Find out how it uses SAP Afaria to handle the transmission of mission-critical applications and data safely and securely – enabling the company to maintain PCI compliance.

  • "Profertil" >

    Read how Profertil developed a transformation road map to align its IT platform with business strategy and created a business case for process improvement in commercial planning and supply chain management with the SAP Value Management program.

  • "SAP Portfolio and Project Management – Optimizing IT Demand and Supply: Product Demo" >

    Discover how SAP Portfolio and Project Management enables you to monitor current projects, evaluate portfolio changes, and analyze projects to ensure success.

  • "Innovate Your Business: Adopt Mobile, Cloud, and Other New Technologies" >

    Consider and discuss the benefits and the challenges of the ways that your energy and natural resources business is changing through the adoption of new technologies, including mobile and cloud computing.

  • "Meeting the Challenges of Reporting and Dashboards" >

    Consider the challenges you face for reporting, dashboards, and data exploration in a Microsoft software environment. Learn how SAP solutions can help you can meet these challenges with a single-solution framework that embraces best practices, self-service tools, and flexible licensing.

  • "Discover the Future of On-Demand Marketing" >

    Hear how innovative marketers are using technology to be more effective. Join us to find out how marketing will be transformed during the next few years and in the decade to come.

  • "Avoid Turbulence on Your Path to the Cloud: Webcast " >

    Find out how you can increase IT efficiencies and reduce costs by working in a virtual environment – without turning your physical infrastructure upside down.


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