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Effectively manage talent across your enterprise – for a sharper competitive edge – with our software solutions for human resources (HR). Hire and retain the right people for your business, streamline HR processes, ensure legal compliance – and get the real-time insights you need to make smarter workforce decisions.

Explore Oxford Economics' new workforce 2020 research
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Fresh Perspectives on Tomorrow's Workforce

Ground-breaking research into the workforce needs for multiple industries, based on a survey of thousands of HR executives and employees and dozens of executive interviews. View the findings and prepare to shape the workforce of the future – with the right mix of people, skills, and culture.

SAP HR software solutions

ABCs of Employee Engagement

People perform better when they like and care about their jobs. Instill this attitude company-wide, and one likely outcome is higher profitability. To boost engagement, you need to understand the factors involved, translate this knowledge into proactive steps and processes using technology tools.

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6th Straight Year as an IDC MarketScape Leader

IDC MarketScape reports SuccessFactors is a leader in the integrated talent management category yet again. What’s more – our talent management solutions are integrated with each other, as well as with our leading core HR and analytics applications, for a complete end-to-end solution

Can HR Grow Up In Time?

Can HR Grow Up In Time?

HR is on the cusp of huge transformation, from tactical to strategic, from afterthought to forethought.

Surge in Enterprise Social Collaboration Skills

The use of technology for social collaboration and networking isn’t yet a strength at most companies, but executives and employees predict...

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Redefine HCM: Run Your Suite on HANA

What Suite on HANA allows us to do is rethink processes we have taken for granted for years...

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Give Contingent Workers Their Due

The nature of employment is undergoing a groundbreaking transformation. A recent Oxford Economics report entitled "Workforce 2020" showed that...

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How CHRO's are Taking a Page out of CMO Playbook

The digital era of HR is upon us. Today’s human resources professionals have a myriad of tools at their fingertips to better manage...

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