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  • "Solution in Detail: Insurance: Product and Policy Lifecycle" >

    Learn how SAP software can help insurance companies streamline the product and policy lifecycle.

  • "Auto Club Group " >

    Find out how the Auto Club Group, parent organization to nine AAA clubs, turned to SAP Claims Management and SAP Consulting when it needed better claims management. SAP offered an integrated solution for faster, streamlined first-notice-of-loss intake, boosting customer satisfaction.

  • "MÜNCHENER VEREIN Insurance Group" >

    Read why Germany's MÜNCHENER VEREIN Insurance group selected SAP Financial Asset Management to integrate all its financial instruments for better analysis and risk management. The solution enables the company to comply with government financial regulations while realizing other significant economic benefits.

  • "SAP Audience Discovery and Targeting: Overview Video" >

    SAP Audience Discovery and Targeting allows marketing managers to engage and convert customers by running real-time segmentation on large populations and distilling data into targeted, personalized marketing campaigns.

  • "Solution in Detail: Insurance: Unified Investment and Asset Management" >

    Learn how SAP software can help insurance companies comply with multiple accounting bases and manage internal and external compliance requirements from national and international legislative bodies, regulatory agencies, and auditors.

  • "Industry Solution Overview: Insurance: Finance, Investments, and Compliance" >

    Explore how leading insurance companies are exceeding expectations with SAP software.

  • "Solution Overview: Insurance: SAP for Insurance - Core Insurance Operations" >

    Explore how leading insurance companies are operating their core insurance processes with SAP software.

  • "New China Life Insurance" >

    New China Life Insurance is a large insurance company based in Beijing. Read how it built a sustainable landscape based on SAP Business Suite software to support future business expansion and IT development – and improved flexibility by upgrading to the latest version of SAP ERP.

  • "SAP Financial Asset Management: Subledger Accounting, Risk Control, and Statutory Reporting" >

    Subledger accounting that conforms to multiple accounting standards? Risk management? Compliant regulatory reporting? SAP Financial Asset Management offers insurance companies support for all this in a single solution. Read how it can help you perform efficiently in every area of asset management.

  • "Solution in Detail: Insurance: Delight Customers with Orchestrated Marketing " >

    Learn how SAP software can help insurance companies delight customers with orchestrated marketing.

  • "Achmea: Customer Testimonial Video" >

    See how the biggest health insurance company in the Netherlands Achmea prepares for the future with SAP's complete insurance suite. It's started projects around SAP CRM and SAP mobility solutions and the company is also looking into SAP HANA software. Its goal is to become the most trusted insurance company in the Netherlands.

  • "AMIS" >

    Learn how the Mexican Association of Insurance Institutions (AMIS) streamlined data from its many different vendors. Learn how it used data management solutions from SAP to consolidate database information into a centralized repository for greater reliability, efficiency, and performance while reducing costs.

  • "Measure Your Data and Achieve Information Governance Excellence " >

    Read how you can effectively monitor, analyze, and report on data quality using SAP Information Steward to help improve efficiencies and lower costs. Learn how to get rid of incomplete, inaccurate, and inconsistent data and improve effectiveness of operational, analytical, and governance initiatives.

  • "Solution in Detail: Insurance: Billing and Payments" >

    Learn how SAP software can help insurance companies with billing and payment processes.

  • "Fraud Management – Coming Soon" >

    Detect fraud earlier – and improve prevention – with the upcoming release of SAP Fraud Management.

  • "AOK: 360 Degree Customer Video" >

    AOK is a leader for all mandated health insurance funds. Watch how it uses SAP HANA to analyze data for more than 6 million hospital cases each year – improving patient care and maintaining a competitive edge.

  • "SAP Convergent Invoicing: Product Demo" >

    This demo highlights the billing business process with an overview of the SAP Convergent Invoicing package.

  • "San Cristóbal" >

    Learn how San Cristóbal is helping to establish itself as a leader in the Argentine insurance sector by using SAP ERP to optimize administrative and operational processes and adopt best practices.

  • "Caser Seguros" >

    Caser Seguros S.A. is a 70-year-old Spanish insurance company. Learn how it supported expanding reporting needs with SAP Business Planning and Consolidation after merging with two French firms and subsidiaries – unifying disparate data consolidation processes and improving data quality and reporting capacity.

  • "Industry Executive Overview: Insurance: The Customer-Centric Insurer" >

    Find out how leading insurance companies are overcoming some of the industry's most difficult challenges with SAP software solutions.


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