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  • "Big Data and Smart Trading " >

    Find out how "Big Data" and smart trading are leading to the rapid development of new, profitable trading strategies – and how an integrated platform with complex event processing technology and a column-based database can help maximize these strategies.

  • "Anticipate Influences on Demand and Optimize Your Forecasting and Replenishment" >

    Find out how retailers are working with SAP analysts to configure the SAP Forecasting and Replenishment applcation to adapt to fluctuations in demand and make decisions to maximize profitability. Determine how to figure out the right balance between maintaining appropriate inventory and meeting customer demand.

  • "AGL Energy" >

    Read how Australian utility company AGL Energy deployed SAP Test Data Migration Server software to create test and training environments based on real business data. The company reduced costs and increased the quality of development and testing work by reducing nonproduction data volume by up to 90%.

  • "Power Smart Business Operations with Real-Time Process Intelligence" >

    Learn how SAP Operational Process Intelligence software, powered by the SAP HANA platform, provides visibility into and control over processes and relevant information. Discover how to use this control to make better operational decisions and respond quickly to threats and opportunities.

  • "Getting Started with SAP HANA: Overview Video" >

    Hear about the typical approaches to SAP HANA technology implementation, what each entails, and the resources available for each. In addition, hear Steve Teichman describe how Medrtonics partnered with SAP Consulting to implement SAP HANA quickly and its progress in adopting the skill sets necessary for self-sufficiency in running SAP HANA.

  • "Auto Club Group " >

    Find out how the Auto Club Group, parent organization to nine AAA clubs, turned to SAP Claims Management and SAP Consulting when it needed better claims management. SAP offered an integrated solution for faster, streamlined first-notice-of-loss intake, boosting customer satisfaction.

  • "MAQUET" >

    How does this global leader in medical systems since 1838, integrate present and new businesses with globally harmonized, standardized processes? Expore how using SAP Value Partnership, MAQUET supports its business needs in a transparent, efficient, and stabilized – but flexible – way.

  • "Move SAP Solutions to Virtualized and Cloud-Based Infrastructures Today" >

    Read how your business can leverage the cloud and virtualization to optimize its existing on-premise SAP software. The SAP Services portfolio of service offerings provides a family of virtualization and cloud management services to empower your successful transition to a virtualized landscape.

  • "Real-Time Risk Monitoring " >

    Learn how SAP Sybase RAP combines three technologies in a single integrated platform to support a state-of-the-art real-time risk management and monitoring system to address the data management and analysis needs of today’s enterprises.

  • "In-Memory Computing for Analytical Banking" >

    Learn how in-memory computing technology opens up new possibilities for rapidly aggregating and processing mountains of data from disparate sources. And see how SAP HANA helps you to make quick, well-informed decisions, prevent losses, capture more profits, and handle regulatory reporting more effectively.

  • "Avoid Turbulence on Your Path to the Cloud: Webcast " >

    Find out how you can increase IT efficiencies and reduce costs by working in a virtual environment – without turning your physical infrastructure upside down.

  • "MÜNCHENER VEREIN Insurance Group" >

    Read why Germany's MÜNCHENER VEREIN Insurance group selected SAP Financial Asset Management to integrate all its financial instruments for better analysis and risk management. The solution enables the company to comply with government financial regulations while realizing other significant economic benefits.

  • "Redington Gulf" >

    See why Redington Gulf – the largest end-to-end supply chain provider for IT distribution and support services across the Middle East, Africa, and Turkey – uses SAP Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise to keep customers happy and ensure success.

  • "HEINEKEN" >

    Learn how the System Landscape Optimization group at SAP enabled HEINEKEN to migrate one terabyte of data from an SAP ERP application in Mexico to the beverage giant's SAP ERP system landscape in Germany – all over a single weekend.

  • "Laying the Foundation for Faster Innovation by Optimizing IT" >

    As part of a multiyear engagement, SAP will partner with you to optimize your IT operations in a way that reduces complexity, risk, and cost. We’ll help you reach specific key performance indicator metrics – and once your operations are running optimally, you can reallocate budget toward impactful innovation.

  • "ESB" >

    Read how Electricity Supply Board, Ireland’s premier electric power utility, has used SAP ERP HCM to centralize all its HR and payroll into an end-to-end hire-to-pay workflow for cost savings and big improvements in efficiency, speed, and reporting ease.

  • "Minacs" >

    Read how Minacs, one of the largest direct marketing agencies in North America, provided customers with daily campaign updates. Minacs retooled its data management and reporting systems, employing data management, modeling, and analytics solutions from SAP.

  • "Banco Popular" >

    See how this large financial and banking services provider deployed SAP ERP HCM and SAP ERP Financials to create a single, integrated solution to enhance both its human capital and financial management operations. The bank now benefits from improved reporting processes and self-service options for staff and managers.

  • "Clariant" >

    Read how Clariant International Ltd. uses solutions for product safety and stewardship from SAP to provide specialty chemicals to companies worldwide. The solutions help chemical manufacturers, their customers, and supply chains manage a fast-growing array of environmental, health, and safety regulations.

  • "Treasurers Want Cloud, But Do Banks?" >

    Learn why corporate finance executives are ready for cloud services from their banks but why banks are not providing those services. Learn about the challenges facing corporate finance executives and their banks and about the consumer-inspired technologies that can help meet the challenges. (SAP/CFO Research).


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