Maximize your reach: provide superior global roaming data services

Offer seamless global roaming data services and unrivalled experience through a resilient, global MPLS backbone – with SAP GRX 365. Extend your reach with Points of Presence in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia Pacific, North and South America, and the Caribbean. And support SMS and MMS hubbing, signaling, and 3G applications such as IP voice and video and GPRS/EDGE applications.

  • Ensure optimum service levels with SLAs on service delivery, availability, and network performance
  • Differentiate your offering with class of service definition capability
  • Interoperate easily with IR.34 and IR.77 standards compliance
  • Prepare to evolve to the next stage with an IPX-ready solution
  • Gain customer insight with comprehensive reporting tools
Man using global roaming data services on his smartphone
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Enable Roaming Across Networks

Discover GRX a secure and scalable IP routing network for mobile operators. Learn how GRX can enable your subscribers to roam across multiple operators and still access their home network data services.

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Identify Market Trends and Best Practices

Read the Evolution of Mobile Services: Challenges, Strategies, and Opportunities to learn about how services like SMS, LTE, IPX, mobile commerce and mobile customer engagement are entering a new phase of growth and innovation.

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Interconnect Services and Enable LTE Roaming

Are you rolling out LTE networks? See how you can evolve your networks and also take interoperability to the next stage with IPX based services. Learn about SAP IPX 365 services and how it enables LTE roaming.