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  • "Swisscom: Customer Testimonial Video" >

    Watch why Swisscom selected the proven expertise of a comprehensive, managed mobility service offering from SAP. Enterprise customers can use mobility-as-a-service (MaaS) to leverage existing business processes through mobile solutions anytime, anywhere for rapid deployment of business apps across multiple devices and operating systems.

  • "Experience Custom Mobile Apps: Overview Video " >

    Watch how to co-innovate and collaborate with an expert mobile team to quickly build innovative custom apps that deliver compelling and engaging user experiences to customers and employees.

  • "Internet of Things - Wind Turbines: Overview Video" >

    Join us at the 2013 Mobile World Congress and watch how you can operate a farm of wind turbines right from your iPad, using real-time analytics and data directly from the cloud.

  • "CSC SAPPHIRE 2012: Customer Testimonial Video" >

    Watch this video from SAPPHIRE 2012. Learn how CSC uses SAP solutions for many enterprise-wide operations, including global financials, global sales and marketing, global procurement, and business analytics and mobility. CSC uses these solutions to better understand and improve efficiency of its enterprise operations.

  • "Vodafone" >

    Vodafone is a UK-based mobile phone provider. Watch how Vodafone is making real-time HR decisions a reality with SAP mobile apps for HR.

  • "SAP Learning Assistant Mobile App: Overview Video" >

    Enable on-the-go workers to easily find and consume learning content when and where they need it with SAP Learning Assistant Mobile App.

  • "Novus International: Customer Testimonial Video" >

    Novus International is a global leader in animal nutrition solutions. Watch how it is working daily to satisfy the growing hunger of mankind, knowing that innovation will be the key driver to realize its vision – which is why it turned to SAP solutions for help.

  • "SAP Clinical Task Tracker Mobile App" >

    SAP Clinical Task Tracker enables nurses and physicians to process and confirm the tasks that are created during the ward rounds with the SAP EMR Unwired mobile app. With the SAP CTT mobile app, clinical workers can easily see and confirm their clinical tasks. SAP CTT is an extension to the SAP EMR Unwired mobile app.

  • "Creating an Agile Enterprise: Best-in-Class Lessons for Effective Sales Mobility: Webcast" >

    The most successful sales organizations are empowering their teams with new contemporary devices, applications, platforms and processes. Join Aberdeen research VP, Peter Ostrow, in this interactive Webinar to learn how your peers – and competitors – are fully mobilizing their professional sellers.

  • "ServPRO - Mobility Spotlight: Customer Reference Video " >

    ServPRO, a leading provider of the Technology Solution based in Mumbai, India, has expanded its portfolio with mobile solutions from SAP. Watch this interview video with Pushpinder Bhatia, Business Head of ServPRO, and learn their path to SAP and Sybase.

  • "Siemens Transportation Systems: Customer Reference Video" >

    Siemens Transportation System is a leading international supplier of technology to the railway industry. Learn how this company is using SAP Productivity Pak by RWD to create a learning environment where users work together to create, coordinate, and distribute critical information.

  • "Mekorot" >

    Gain insight into how Israel’s national water company fortified its mobile platform with the Sybase Unwired Platform and SAP Afaria. The software helped the company to consolidate the operations for all of its geographic regions and establish a mobile solution that facilitated the work of its field crew.

  • "SAP Customer and Contacts Mobile App" >

    Make it easy for sales reps to access relevant customer information, sales order history, and contact locations on a map – using their mobile devices.

  • "SAP Timesheet Mobile App" >

    Cut the time spent recording work hours. This mobile timesheet app allows employees to create, review, submit, and manage time entries from a mobile device.

  • "SAP RealSpend Mobile App: Overview Video" >

    Get anywhere-anytime access to budget and spend information to manage budgets more effectively, spend strategically, and identify expense issues quickly.

  • "Experience Mobile Apps for Utilities: Overview Video " >

    Watch how to empower your remote workforce with mobile apps that help boost safety and productivity, improve service reliability, and deepen customer relationships.

  • "Optimal Solutions" >

    Take a look at how Dallas-based Optimal Solutions is serving customers globally and developing targeted practices to help them define and implement strategic initiatives for enterprise mobility. An SAP partner, Optimal is taking advantage of SAP support and leadership in enterprise mobility.

  • "Experience Mobile Apps for Service: Webcast" >

    Watch to learn how you can boost productivity and customer satisfaction by giving field engineers quick access to the right resources and information – at the point of service. With our mobile apps for field service, technicians can access service-relevant information anytime, anywhere – from the mobile device of their choice.

  • "SAP Customer Loyalty Mobile App" >

    With the SAP Customer Loyalty app, retail and consumer products companies can engage consumers like never before. Boost customer loyalty, drive transaction volume, and benefit from higher promotional conversion rates via this comprehensive app that can be customized to match a company's unique brand identity.

  • "SAP Customer Loyalty Mobile App" >

    Engage consumers wherever they are by delivering personalized offers, reward updates, and loyalty account information directly to their mobile devices.


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