SAP HANA integrates predictive analytics, text and big data in a single package

Go beyond OLAP analysis. With our in-memory computing platform, SAP HANA, you’ll have the ability to run big data analytics on 80 terabytes of data, integrate with Hadoop, search text content, harness the power of real-time predictive analytics, and more.

  • Analyze hundreds of billions of rows in seconds, not days
  • Exploit unstructured data such as text, documents, Web, and social media content
  • Deliver predictive insight with in-database data mining
  • Leverage open source R analytic processing
  • Integrate with Hadoop environments
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Light bulbs, representing business insight with SAP HANA

Maximizing Insight and Business Value

Perform predictive analyses to discover, visualize, and share untapped opportunities and hidden risks in real time. And use text search and analysis to turn massive amounts of structured and unstructured data into a competitive advantage. How? With SAP HANA.

MKI executive speaking about using the SAP HANA platform to develop an innovative application that analyzes cancer genomes

MKI: Revolutionizing Cancer Treatment

Find out how the Mitsui Knowledge Industry (MKI) used big data analytics on the SAP HANA platform to develop an innovative application that analyzes cancer genomes. After identifying mutations, the solution lists the drugs most capable of curing the cancer.

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