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  • "comScore" >

    Virginia-based comScore is a global leader in measuring the digital world, providing syndicated and custom solutions in online audience measurement. See how it met its need for a cost-effective data warehouse that enables it to handle massive volumes of data and scale quickly with SAP Sybase IQ server.

  • "Meeting the New Data Challenge with SAP and Cloudera" >

    Learn about how companies are facing the challenge of explosive data growth and gaining meaningful value from "Big Data," with offerings from SAP and Cloudera. Discover how you can use SAP HANA, SAP Sybase IQ, SAP Data Services, and Hadoop to gain new insights from large volumes of structured and unstructured data.

  • "CSC SAPPHIRE 2012: Customer Testimonial Video" >

    Watch this video from SAPPHIRE 2012. Learn how CSC uses SAP solutions for many enterprise-wide operations, including global financials, global sales and marketing, global procurement, and business analytics and mobility. CSC uses these solutions to better understand and improve efficiency of its enterprise operations.

  • "Bumble Bee Foods" >

    Discover how SAP Invoice Management application by OpenText, helped Bumble Bee Foods streamline accounting processes while increasing accountability and reducing invoice processing costs by 50%.

  • "Orasure: Customer Testimonial Video" >

    Learn why Orasure chose SAP Business All-in-One and SAP BusinessObjects software to replace its IT infrastructure. The company chose SAP Business All-in-One for templates and proven best practices – and SAP BusinessObjects software was integrated to ensure that business processes could execute in only one way.

  • "Understanding and Optimizing SAP Sybase Replication Server: RTL Edition for SAP Sybase IQ" >

    Take an in-depth technical look at how to implement SAP Sybase Replication Server software, real-time loading edition. This will allow you to use the high-performance loading capability from a variety of source databases to a target SAP Sybase IQ analytics server to relieve the pressure of reporting against transactional systems.

  • "Fast and Low-Cost Analytics Solutions for the SAP ERP and SAP CRM " >

    Discover how SAP Rapid Marts packages, Edge edition, let you access and use transactional data stored in SAP ERP and SAP CRM for better, faster decision making. The packages support the SAP HANA platform, provide fast and powerful analysis and reporting, and can be deployed quickly to meet business demands.

  • "Snohomish County PUD: Customer Testimonial Video" >

    See how public utilities company Snohomish County PUD, located north of Seattle, Washington, uses SAP CRM, SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence solutions, and SAP Document Presentment by OpenText to market energy efficency to its customers and lower costs for everyone.

  • "Meeting the Challenges of Reporting and Dashboards" >

    Consider the challenges you face for reporting, dashboards, and data exploration in a Microsoft software environment. Learn how SAP solutions can help you can meet these challenges with a single-solution framework that embraces best practices, self-service tools, and flexible licensing.

  • "The SAP Onboarding Guide for OEMs" >

    Use this in-depth guide as a reference for doing business with SAP as an OEM partner. Learn about everything required to get started and how to get fast, easy access to tools and resources to develop, implement, market, sell, and support world-class BI and EIM solutions to customers.

  • "Advantages of the SAP Real-Time Data Platform for Electronic Trading " >

    Find out how trading organizations can take advantage of our real-time data platform – focusing on profitable trading strategies rather than building and maintaining infrastructure. The platform uniquely delivers unprecedented flexibility, scalability, reliability, and capacity for electronic trading.

  • "Supply Chain/Procurement Made Easier with Enterprise Information Management: Overview Video" >

    Watch how John, a procurement professional, has an "a-ha" moment when he realizes analytics can make work easier by helping to improve overall margins and minimize total landed costs.

  • "New Strategies For Improving Business Agility Through Information Modeling" >

    Read this Forrester Research paper to learn about best practices used to increase the chances of architecting, building, and delivering successful enterprise information management (EIM) fabric, platforms, tools, and solutions.

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  • "The Importance of Social Network Analysis for Communication Service Providers " >

    Learn how communication service providers are using SNA for both offensive and defensive strategies – to improve customer service and reduce churn. SAP Sybase IQ server and SAP Sybase Event Stream Processor software work with KXEN InfiniteInsight to gain insights into customer trends, target up-selling, and take guesswork out of possible churn.

  • "HR Made Easier with Business Intelligence: Overview Video" >

    Watch how Leah, an HR professional, has an "a-ha" moment when she realizes analytics can make work easier, help improve brand value, and ensure that the next generation of leaders comes from within the company.

  • "Leveraging Business Analytics for Improved Insight in Wholesale Distribution" >

    Learn how the tools in the SAP BusinessObjects portfolio support the information workers in your business by helping you identify, manage, and mitigate the day-to-day business risks they face. The solutions provide a 360-degree view that you can deploy and scale to meet your changing business needs.

  • "Automotive Resources International" >

    Learn how Automotive Resources International, which manages some of the most complex vehicle fleets on the road, is using the SAP HANA platform to deliver new value-add services to its global customers while cutting its own operating costs.

  • "AAPT" >

    Read how AAPT found a way to integrate a reporting solution with a new billing platform in order to quickly generate planned and ad hoc reports. The answer was SAP Sybase IQ software, which combines with SAP Data Services software to enable fast reporting and single view of each customer that AAPT needs.

  • "What’s in Your Architecture? A Common Approach to Managing All the Aspects of Information" >

    Learn how to integrate all the aspects of information into a holistic information architecture with SAP Sybase PowerDesigner software. You can constantly analyze customer needs and expectations, enhance or innovate business processes, and deliver products and services that create exceptional customer value.

  • "Streamline Planning and Reduce Business Risk with Reliable, Consolidated Data" >

    Discover the benefits of using theEdge edition of the SAP Business Planning and Consolidation application to streamline planning and reduce business risks. Designed for midsize companies, this application provides an integrated planning, budgeting, forecasting, and consolidation solution that is user focused and process centric.


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