SAP In-Memory Data Fabric: Simpler data warehousing

Fully integrate all of your vital business information to make better decisions in real time – with SAP In-Memory Data Fabric. This suite of flexible, industry-leading data warehousing solutions can help you pinpoint the right information at the right time, accelerate analyses, and see the trends that will help you shape smart business strategies.

See why we’re a leader in data warehousing
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Learn how our data warehousing solutions can help you unlock the full value of your information.

Driver is high-speed car, representing supercharged data warehouse performance

Supercharge Your Enterprise Data Warehouse

Improve data load, calculation, and query performance to increase the availability of key information needed to make timely decisions. See how you can drive maximum performance with SAP Business Warehouse powered by SAP HANA.

Dr. Jürgen Sturm, CIO of Bosch and Siemens, talking about his company's experience using SAP HANA

Bosch and Siemens: SAP HANA Accelerates Analysis

See how BSH Bosch and Siemens is adapting quickly to changing customer demands by relying on SAP HANA. The company is now performing simulations using large quantities of data in real-time – and quickly creating new business forecasts.

Managers analyzing large volumes of data at a bank of computers

ICICI Bank: Sybase IQ Delivers Superior Performance

Discover how India's largest private sector bank is significantly improving query performance. With Sybase IQ – our server for advanced analytics, data warehousing, and BI – ICICI can analyze big data at substantial cost savings.

SAP CEO Bill McDermott


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