Oxford Economics: Unlocking the cloud with next-generation platforms

Discover how a new generation of cloud platforms is driving remarkable IT and business transformation - in this insightful research paper from Oxford Economics. Explore successful cloud strategies and implementaion best practices - and find out what "cloud leaders" are doing differently than most businesses to exploit the technology to its full potential.

Fluffy white clouds above a city
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Clouds representing cloud computing

Cloud Benefits 101: What's In It for You?

In 1997, businesses were excited about the Internet's potential, but worried about security, privacy, etc. In 2011, cloud computing emerged as the next transformational technology wave. Read more in Sand Hill Group's white paper.

View from a virtual office enabled by cloud computing

Professional Services Cloud Strategies That Win

With the shift to cloud computing, more and more professional services organizations around the globe are relying on functionally rich mobile technologies, virtual operations, work-from-home staffing models, and remote outsourcing of work. Read the Technology Evaluation Centers paper.

A secure stone wall

7 Steps to a Safer Cloud

May 28, 2013


While the benefits of cloud such as, improving data access, freeing up internal IT resources for more strategic tasks, cutting costs, and increasing flexibility, versatility, efficiency and economies of scale, are compelling...