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  • "Vodafone" >

    Vodafone is a UK-based mobile phone provider. Watch how Vodafone is making real-time HR decisions a reality with SAP mobile apps for HR.

  • "Moving Mountains" >

    Find out how to build a culture that inspires each employee to feel that quality is their responsibility, no matter their role in production. Learn how to align your organization with business direction to execute in ways that most improve the bottom line.

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  • "SAP ERP HCM to SFSF Integration Rapid Deployment Solution: Product Demo " >

    Learn more about this rapid-deployment solution supporting the integration between the SAP ERP Human Capital Management (SAP ERP HCM) solution and SuccessFactors Business Execution (BizX) Suite. See why integrated data, such as basic employee and compensation planning, is the basis for running a hybrid, 'pay-for-performance' process.

  • "Sysco: 360 Degree Customer Video " >

    Sysco is North America's leading food services distributor, serving around 400,000 customers. Hear how it plans to replace its current systems with SAP to standardize and streamline processes and reformulate the current business model. All this will lead to a system that will take the company into the future.

  • "Orasure: Customer Testimonial Video" >

    Learn why Orasure chose SAP Business All-in-One and SAP BusinessObjects software to replace its IT infrastructure. The company chose SAP Business All-in-One for templates and proven best practices – and SAP BusinessObjects software was integrated to ensure that business processes could execute in only one way.

  • "BPOI" >

    Learn how this business process outsourcing company has maintained a leading market position using SAP ERP. Elimination of manual processes, superior data analysis and forecasting, and system localization have been some of the key benefits, ensuring high-value services for customers and strong business relationships.

  • "Weyerhaeuser: Customer Reference Video" >

    Weyerhaeuser is one of the world's largest forest-products companies. See how Weyerhaeuser is implementing SAP Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence to achieve more accurate data, have better maintainability and supportability in the long term, and attain visibility from inventory to the shop floor.

  • "Gulf Cement" >

    See how the largest cement producer in the UAE made sales processing more efficient by implementing SAP ERP, enabling the company to improve margins and credit management, increase the accuracy of product delivery estimates by 90%, and achieve 360-degree profitability analysis across all lines of business.

  • "Financial Corporation URALSIB" >

    HR management plays a key role in future success at Financial Corporation URALSIB. Since the organization is using the SAP ERP Human Capital Management application, annual cost savings have significantly increased, and time needed for talent management and career planning has decreased by almost half.

  • "SAP ERP Finance and Controlling rapid-deployment solution" >

    Increase the accuracy of your financial reporting and improve cash management – in just a few weeks. By implementing our affordable ERP software for finance and controlling, you can streamline processes and reduce the cost of risk and compliance.

  • "Integrated Sourcing and Procurement" >

    Discover the importance of an integrated sourcing and procurement function for wholesale distributors today, and examine various best practices that can enable further growth and profitability. See how SAP solutions can help distributors cut costs, increase supplier collaboration, and build differentiation.

  • "Galata" >

    Galata is a midsize chemical company with a global production and sales team. Learn how it got up and running with SAP ERP in just 60 days – without an international IT infrastructure or staff.

  • "Run Better Together: SAP and OpenText" >

    OpenText Corporation is a proven industry leader in managing unstructured content. Read how, for more than two decades, SAP and OpenText have combined their strengths in a strategic partnership of codevelopment and cooperation.

  • "Streamline Global HR and Payroll – Using Integrated SAP Software to Automate HR and Payroll Processes: Product Demo" >

    Find out how integrated SAP software can help you streamline human resource and payroll processes. Discover how you can automate and streamline activities from hiring to benefits enrollment to validating payroll to general ledger and cost accounting.

  • "Hansgrohe " >

    Read how this German manufacturer leveraged SAP Enterprise Support to smooth IT operations, pinpoint issues, and resolve identified issues quickly and effectively.

  • "PDIL: Customer Testimonial Video" >

    PDIL is an Indian governmental organization under the Ministry of Chemical and Fertilizer, Department of Fertilizer. See how this design engineering and project management consultancy organization brought its project management on one platform with SAP ERP and SAP BusinessObjects BI.

  • "Technical Upgrade Planning Service for SAP Business Suite" >

    Learn how the technical upgrade planning service for SAP Business Suite can help jump-start efforts as SAP customers plan a comprehensive landscape upgrade of their SAP Business Suite software. The service is specifically intended to support projects that involve more than two software applications.

  • "Employee Performance Management: Tap the Potential of Every Employee" >

    Learn how companies are addressing the current economic climate by focusing on creating a performance-driven environment. SAP ERP HCM helps you effectively plan, assess, optimize, and analyze the performance of your workforce from end to end.

  • "Manage and Plan Marketing Activities with Analytics: Product Demo" >

    Learn how analytics in the SAP CRM rapid-deployment solution helps marketing executives manage and plan marketing activities by analyzing lead quality and campaign performance, and adjusting tactics.

  • "MÜNCHENER VEREIN Insurance Group" >

    Read why Germany's MÜNCHENER VEREIN Insurance group selected SAP Financial Asset Management to integrate all its financial instruments for better analysis and risk management. The solution enables the company to comply with government financial regulations while realizing other significant economic benefits.


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