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  • "comScore" >

    Virginia-based comScore is a global leader in measuring the digital world, providing syndicated and custom solutions in online audience measurement. See how it met its need for a cost-effective data warehouse that enables it to handle massive volumes of data and scale quickly with SAP Sybase IQ server.

  • "Sun Hung Kai Financial " >

    Find out how this financial service provider maintains an always-available system, increased reporting and query performance, and greater storage capacity. Learn how SAP Sybase IQ server helps it obtain greater efficiency and speed, with always-on availability in IT operations and faster reporting of customer statements.

  • "Meeting the New Data Challenge with SAP and Cloudera" >

    Learn about how companies are facing the challenge of explosive data growth and gaining meaningful value from "Big Data," with offerings from SAP and Cloudera. Discover how you can use SAP HANA, SAP Sybase IQ, SAP Data Services, and Hadoop to gain new insights from large volumes of structured and unstructured data.

  • "Scaling Out Query Performance with SAP Sybase IQ" >

    Take a good look at PlexQ, an architecture in SAP Sybase IQ that accelerates highly complex queries by distributing work to many computers in a grid. See how PlexQ provides high performance and efficient use of resources for concurrent workloads.

  • "CSC SAPPHIRE 2012: Customer Testimonial Video" >

    Watch this video from SAPPHIRE 2012. Learn how CSC uses SAP solutions for many enterprise-wide operations, including global financials, global sales and marketing, global procurement, and business analytics and mobility. CSC uses these solutions to better understand and improve efficiency of its enterprise operations.

  • "Orasure: Customer Testimonial Video" >

    Learn why Orasure chose SAP Business All-in-One and SAP BusinessObjects software to replace its IT infrastructure. The company chose SAP Business All-in-One for templates and proven best practices – and SAP BusinessObjects software was integrated to ensure that business processes could execute in only one way.

  • "Understanding and Optimizing SAP Sybase Replication Server: RTL Edition for SAP Sybase IQ" >

    Take an in-depth technical look at how to implement SAP Sybase Replication Server software, real-time loading edition. This will allow you to use the high-performance loading capability from a variety of source databases to a target SAP Sybase IQ analytics server to relieve the pressure of reporting against transactional systems.

  • "Turbocharge Your Business Analytics with Technology from SAP and Sybase " >

    By providing key information for decision makers, the use of analytics drives competitive differentiation and is essential for success. Find out how analytics can help nearly everyone in your organization to better understand your business. Learn about combined software offerings from SAP and Sybase, an SAP company.

  • "Real-Time Risk Monitoring " >

    Learn how SAP Sybase RAP combines three technologies in a single integrated platform to support a state-of-the-art real-time risk management and monitoring system to address the data management and analysis needs of today’s enterprises.

  • "Snohomish County PUD: Customer Testimonial Video" >

    See how public utilities company Snohomish County PUD, located north of Seattle, Washington, uses SAP CRM, SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence solutions, and SAP Document Presentment by OpenText to market energy efficency to its customers and lower costs for everyone.

  • "Meeting the Challenges of Reporting and Dashboards" >

    Consider the challenges you face for reporting, dashboards, and data exploration in a Microsoft software environment. Learn how SAP solutions can help you can meet these challenges with a single-solution framework that embraces best practices, self-service tools, and flexible licensing.

  • "Data Devices " >

    Discover how Data Devices, a hospitality management software development firm based in India, upgraded its solution suite. Its search for a full-featured, high-performance, relational database management system resulted in the implementation of new database server technology from SAP.

  • "SAP for Chemicals Whiteboard: Overview Video" >

    Watch a high-level summary of SAP's value proposition and solutions for the chemicals industry – covering applications, analytics, mobile, cloud, database, and technology categories.

  • "HR Made Easier with Business Intelligence: Overview Video" >

    Watch how Leah, an HR professional, has an "a-ha" moment when she realizes analytics can make work easier, help improve brand value, and ensure that the next generation of leaders comes from within the company.

  • "Lenovo: Customer Testimonial Video " >

    Listen to how Lenovo uses SAP CRM today and plans to use SAP HANA to process 1.8 million contract records with multiple attributes in less than a second, simplifying IT and reducing TCO.

  • "Building a Better Data Dictionary with SAP Sybase PowerDesigner " >

    Learn how you can use SAP Sybase PowerDesigner software to build a better data dictionary. You can standardize data content, context, and definitions to achieve consistency and reusability. Drive quality information into new or existing tactical and strategic business initiatives.

  • "Leveraging Business Analytics for Improved Insight in Wholesale Distribution" >

    Learn how the tools in the SAP BusinessObjects portfolio support the information workers in your business by helping you identify, manage, and mitigate the day-to-day business risks they face. The solutions provide a 360-degree view that you can deploy and scale to meet your changing business needs.

  • "Minacs" >

    Read how Minacs, one of the largest direct marketing agencies in North America, provided customers with daily campaign updates. Minacs retooled its data management and reporting systems, employing data management, modeling, and analytics solutions from SAP.

  • "SAP Sybase IQ -- Version 16: Overview Video" >

    Learn how the latest version of SAP Sybase IQ, built for extreme-scale enterprise data warehousing and Big Data analytics, makes it simpler and more cost-effective to exploit the value of massive amounts of data at the speed of business, helping to transform companies through new insights that were previously impossible or impractical.

  • "AAPT" >

    Read how AAPT found a way to integrate a reporting solution with a new billing platform in order to quickly generate planned and ad hoc reports. The answer was SAP Sybase IQ software, which combines with SAP Data Services software to enable fast reporting and single view of each customer that AAPT needs.


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