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Better analytics, smarter decisions

Unlock the real value in your data – and drive smarter decision making – with our business analytics software. The SAP BusinessObjects Analytics portfolio offers a simple yet comprehensive platform for business intelligence (BI), predictive analytics, enterprise performance management (EPM), and governance, risk, and compliance (GRC).

Reimagining analytics for the digital enterprise

Explore analytics solutions from SAP

Thrive in this hyper-connected, Big Data-intensive world with SAP. Our business analytics solutions close the gap between transactions, data preparation, analysis, and action – so you can make smart decisions and move on them quickly. Uncover new business opportunities, drive innovation, and run your business in real time. Browse our analytics products.


  • Data visualisation and story telling
  • Reporting and analysis
  • Interactive, role-based dashboards
  • Mobile data analytics

Predictive Analytics

  • Predictive modelling
  • Predictive data management
  • Model management
  • Scoring
  • Predictive network and link analysis
  • Strategy management
  • Planning budgeting and forecasting
  • Profitability and cost management
  • Financial consolidation
  • Reporting and disclosure



  • Access and cyber-risk governance
  • Risk and compliance managment
  • Fraud and audit management
  • International trade management




Featured products and offers

Roambi is now part of SAP

With the integration of SAP and Roambi we provide secure cloud data visualisation and publishing to transform data from anywhere into rich, interactive experiences, delivering critical information in a highly consumable format on the go.

SAP BusinessObjects Cloud

SAP BusinessObjects Cloud combines all analytics capabilities – including planning, predictive analytics, and business intelligence (BI) – in a single SaaS solution.

SAP BusinessObjects Lumira

Bring your data to life with SAP BusinessObjects Lumira – data visualisation software that makes it easy to create beautiful and interactive maps, charts, and infographics.  

SAP Digital Boardroom

Equip C-level executives with real-time contextual information and ad hoc analysis – using SAP Digital Boardroom. This next-generation board portal closes the gap between Big Data and decision making.

See what our customers are saying

IDC and the future of cloud business analytics

Dan Vesset of IDC says the great migration to cloud analytics has begun – and will deliver real, quantifiable benefits. Learn more in this on-demand webinar moderated by Global Innovation Evangelist Timo Elliott, and see a demonstration of SAP BusinessObjects Cloud. 

Reimagine analytics for digital business

Think, decide, and act in real time with SAP BusinessObjects Analytics solutions. The solutions offer modern tools for self-service BI, data visualisation, predictive modelling, executive decision making, and more – on-premise or in the cloud. Get fresh insights, live and in the moment.    

Cloud analytics are on the rise

IDC expects spending on cloud analytics to grow five times faster than for on-premise solutions over the next five years. Find out why – and explore the current and future state of analytics deployments.

Trade in to trade up, today

Our new business analytics are reimagined for today’s modern, digital enterprise. Put them to work for your company by taking advantage of our limited-time promotional offers.

Experience SAP Digital Boardroom

Experience SAP Digital Boardroom in a high-pressure game simulation powered by Intel. See how easy it can be to close the gap between Big Data and decision making – and transform the very nature of business.

Turn big data into action

Learn how an emerging class of software – insight platforms – can better connect data to action and accelerate digital transformation, which is what your business really wants.
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