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Transform Big Data analysis with SAP’s distributed computing solution for business

Transform Big Data analysis with SAP’s distributed computing solution for business

SAP HANA Vora is a distributed computing solution for business. It leverages and extends the Apache Spark execution framework to provide enriched interactive analytics on enterprise and Hadoop data.


Why SAP HANA Vora?

SAP HANA Vora is targeted at benefiting customers in various industries where highly interactive Big Data analytics in a business process context is paramount. Find out from leading industry analysts why it’s important to bridge the divide between enterprise data and big data so that you can turn big data into actionable insights and competitive advantage for your business.  

  • Read the Harvard Business Review Analytic Services report: Business Managers Strive to Make Big Data ‘Transformational. Register to receive your copy today. 
  • Read the Forrester report: Ultra-fast Data Access is the Key to Unleashing Full Big Data Potential. Register to receive your copy today.

Watch the 1-minute SAP HANA Vora overview video

  • Make more precise decisions – Combine your business data with data from external sources to facilitate faster, more precise decision making – even in constantly changing circumstances.

  • Democratize data access – Make online analytical processing (OLAP) modelling on Hadoop data accessible to everyday users. Give data scientists and analysts interactive access to enterprise and Hadoop data – so they can quickly create mashups for analysis.

  • Simplify Big Data ownership – Access and process corporate and Hadoop data from a single solution – to simplify the task of managing Big Data across multiple landscapes.
Technical Capabilities
  • In-memory query engine – Run an in-memory query engine on the Apache Spark execution framework. Compile queries to speed up processing across nodes – and accelerate and simplify OLAP analysis.
  • Data hierarchies – Perform OLAP and drilldown analysis with Spark SQL semantics – enhanced to include data hierarchies. 
  • Enhanced mashup API Let users create a projection from enterprise sources to enrich data sets – using an enhanced mashup based on the Spark SQL Data Source API.
  • Enhanced Spark and SAP HANA controller – Improve performance with lightning-fast data movement between SAP HANA and Apache Spark.
  • Open development interface  – Take advantage of an open source development interface that supports familiar programming languages and all Hadoop distributions. 


  • Enterprise and Big Data Analytics
    Data Scientists and Business Analysts can get a 360 degree view of the customer by combining customer contact information, order histories in the ERP system, with social media, click stream data in Hadoop. In addition, Vora makes it easy to incorporate new and enriched customer insights into existing operational processes.

  • Enterprise and Big Data Governance
    IT directors can provide query-able archived data with full transparency and traceability for regulatory compliance, while enabling analysts and data scientists to detect patterns and trends that are otherwise locked away.

  • Big Data Online Analytical Processing (OLAP)
    Business analysts can perform interactive business intelligence and OLAP-style analysis across business and Hadoop data. Vora also provides a simple-to-use modeler tool for building data hierarchies and performing drill down and roll up analysis on big data.


Get the developer resources you need for SAP HANA Vora. Our experts can help you maximise the value of your software, take advantage of new videos, installation guides and more


Plan your installation

Refer to HANA Vora Installation and Admin guide for important information about installation and administration.

SAP HANA Academy videos

With step-by-step instructions on how to install SAP HANA Vora and use its various features.

Developer Guide

Learn how you can use the SAP HANA Vora developer and modeler features to enhance SAP HANA Vora. 


Sizing Guide

Guidelines and recommendations on hardware requirements and software considerations for your


Find additional information on the SAP Help Portal



Quick facts: SAP HANA Vora at a glance

Discover how SAP HANA Vora bridges the gap between corporate data and Big Data – and gives you the context you need to make better decisions.

In-memory & Hadoop: Built for business

While Hadoop can store and access vast amounts of data, it’s not ideally suited to the fast, drilldown nature of today’s business questions. Here’s how our in-memory query engine overcomes the limitations, so you can ask and answer whatever comes to mind.

Have question about SAP HANA Vora?

We’ve got the answers. Read our FAQs to learn how the solution can help you adopt a simple, cost effective approach to managing unstructured data.

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