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Make pricing decisions that maximise profits with our price and margin management app

Get crucial pricing assistance with SAP Price and Margin Management by Vendavo. Provide your company with tools to create customer-specific pricing strategies, optimise price negotiations, and institutionalize best practices in value-based selling. Gain insights on real-time pricing via high-performance in-memory technology.

  • Boost your sales team's confidence to increase deal-close rates
  • Respond quickly to cost fluctuations and other market developments
  • Help ensure customer compliance with negotiated prices and terms
  • Improve the product and customer mix to increase margins on every transaction
  • Eliminate pricing errors and find new pricing opportunities

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Improve profitability with the power of pricing

Savvy companies are boosting net prices by controlling volume discounts, price exceptions, contract negotiations, and more – thanks to SAP Price and Margin Management. Learn more about our solution, which can be implemented in just eight weeks.

Dow Chemical: using SAP Price and Margin Management

Listen to Eric Soll of Dow Chemical as he discusses how the company is using SAP Price and Margin Management by Vedavo at SAPPHIRE NOW.

Functional Capabilities

Deal Management

Rapidly implement and identify opportunities and guide pricing strategy by employing best practices for pricing and analytics.

Solution Brief : Guide Pricing and Improve Profits Rapidly

Price Analytics
Use the prerequisite pricing dashboard and analytics to give sales staff deal-specific context – in CRM or quote systems – for savvier negotiating techniques.
Price Optimisation

The overall goal of the price optimisation capability is to help you determine, deliver, and defend pricing guidance by segment along such dimensions as product, customer, and region.


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Get the support you need to keep SAP Price and Margin Management by Vendavo running at peak performance. Our experts can help you maximise the value of your software, take advantage of new business models and capabilities, and more.
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