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Sales Force Automation

Make each sales interaction count by connecting sellers and customers with the right content, insight, and experts

Empower your salespeople to harness collective intelligence and best practices by collaborating across functions and departments. Give them the insight to understand customer needs and deliver flawless sales experiences that exceed expectations every time. With SAP software, you can provide the collaborative sales force automation tools that enable social collaboration, deep customer insight, relevant recommendations throughout the buying process, and visibility across the sales cycle.

Solution Capabilities

Included Capabilities

Lead Management

Improve sales efficiency and increase revenue with advanced lead management capabilities

Identify and engage top prospects early in the sales cycle with a unified lead management platform from SAP. Gain enterprise-wide visibility into all customer and lead information. Prioritize leads based on intelligent scoring, and qualify them with guided surveys. Streamline the link between marketing and sales to convert more prospects into buyers. And do it all with a cloud-based lead management solution that lowers your total cost of ownership.

SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer

Account and Contact Management

Stay focused on what customers need with help from account and contact management

Enrich your customer engagements by getting a complete view of customer activities with account and contact management software from SAP. With our cloud-based software, you can:

  • Identify key contacts and stakeholders, and define the key relationships among them
  • Create and maintain account data, organize and manage account teams, and share account activity information with team members
Collaborative Opportunity and Pipeline Management

Streamline sales processes and improve pipeline predictability with a collaborative approach to opportunity management

Move sales through the pipeline quickly and effectively with opportunity and pipeline management software from SAP. Manage sales collaboratively and efficiently in the cloud. Capture product and sales information in one central place for all stakeholders. Get a real-time view of sales performance and make proactive course corrections. With our opportunity and pipeline management software, you can gain the insight to influence the outcome of sales deals and accelerate buying decisions.

SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer

Customer Activity and Visit Planning

Engage better and sell more through customer activity and visit planning

Improve sales productivity and customer engagement with software for customer activity and visit planning from SAP. Our cloud software enables you to:

  • Capture and track the activities and interactions that give customers the attention they deserve - while making more efficient use of sales resources
  • Gain the insight needed to plan each customer visit and move the sale forward
  • Integrate groupware tools like Microsoft Outlook, Google Gmail, and Lotus Notes throughout the sales process
Account and Customer Insights

Win in sales by knowing your customers from all angles of engagement

Revolutionize customer engagement and learn what makes them tick with a cloud-based solution for sales from SAP. Bringing together the latest analytics, enterprise mobility, collaboration, and social media functionality, our solution combines back-office transactional data with external data to give you a 360-degree view of your customers. With better insight into who customers are and what they want, you can deliver personalized experiences through any channel and close deals faster.

SAP Hybris Cloud for Sales

Sales Intelligence

Open the right doors and close more deals with smart opportunity management

Take customer engagement to a new level with sales intelligence that’s integrated with SAP software. Give your sales reps timely information that helps them find the best prospects, understand their needs, and close the deals – ahead of your competition. Deliver company profiles, news feeds, stakeholder insights, sales intelligence, and alerts about trigger events that can signal new opportunities.

SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer

Customer Performance Intelligence

Focus sales resources on growing the right accounts with customer performance intelligence

Gain insight into customers and their potential value by using customer performance intelligence solutions from SAP to:

  • Grow your business from a strategic viewpoint
  • Strategize on where to focus resources and budgets, and support companywide goals
  • Provide greater transparency and accuracy on the customer, supplier, and partner's situation for a wide range of users with rich filtering capabilities
  • Use tools such as balanced scorecard, stratification, whitespace analysis, and more
Mobile Sales

Improve sales and customer engagement with an optimal mobile experience

Improve productivity of your sales team by providing anytime/anywhere access to critical sales and customer data. Give flexibility to your sales team across myriad mobile devices and benefits of online and offline support with our cloud solutions:

  • Create, update, and access sales information, including account, contact, lead, opportunity, activity, quote, and order-management data
  • Conduct more effective customer meetings, and shorten sales cycles
  • Build stronger customer relationships

SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer

Sales Collaboration

Improve win rates through sales collaboration across the value chain

Accelerate sales cycles and enhance win rates with improved sales collaboration. SAP solutions can help you:

  • Team up your sales force with internal or external stakeholders to harness top talent and generate the best ideas
  • Share documents and work collaboratively to analyze sales opportunities, develop proposals, and resolve issues
  • Involve and inform all stakeholders throughout each customer engagement
  • Establish a platform for sharing best practices for your sales processes
Partner Channel Management

Increase revenue by managing engagement with channel partners in the cloud

Gain visibility into indirect revenue, which can account for as much as 40-80% of revenue for many companies. Use tools in our cloud software for optimal management and control of partner channel activities:

  • Gain visibility into partner channel performance and pipeline, and drive revenue growth through the channel
  • Build partner trust and mitigate conflict by offering qualified leads, verifying deal registrations, collaborating on opportunities, and defining territories
Retail Execution

SAP Hybris Cloud for Sales has retail execution capabilities designed to help you sell consumer products.

Use it to plan and execute effective store visits, run successful promotions, enhance the retail experience for consumers, and more.
  • Maximize sales reps’ time in-store with retail plans, surveys, and tasks for target accounts
  • Increase wins at the shelf with insight from survey results and competitive comparisons 
  • Initiate replenishment and resolve issues on the spot with sales orders and service tickets
  • Track promotion compliance, and get real-time access to store visit data to improve sales performance

Free trial: SAP Hybris Cloud for Sales

This simple yet powerful CRM solution is designed to help sales teams get up and running in minutes – allowing you to try out some of the enterprise sales features free for 30-days.

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Learn how SAP Hybris Cloud for Sales helps you work intuitively by leveraging social collaboration capabilities you already know how to use. It also enables fast, effective team collaboration and account management to help you sell more effectively.


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