Aproveche el poder de Big Data con las soluciones que transforman los datos en decisiones.

Acelere los tiempos para transformar los datos en decisiones, y descubra maneras nuevas de resolver los desafíos de su empresa mediante una combinación de nuestra plataforma de datos en tiempo real y nuestras soluciones analíticas predictivas.

  • Aproveche Big Data y de dispositivos móviles de la manera que sea adecuada para su empresa.
  • Capture datos y simplifique su entorno de TI para realizar transacciones y actuar de manera instantánea.
  • Revele señales y tendencias ocultas en tiempo real mediante un análisis visual atractivo.
  • Comprenda mejor a sus clientes y complázcalos con experiencias personalizadas.
  • Solucione los desafíos críticos de su industria o su línea de negocios de una manera más rápida.
  • Optimice sus operaciones, su análisis y Big Data con un marco unificado de gestión de los datos.


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Soluciones de Big Data

Colleagues watching a Big Data webinar on a computer screen

Big Data, Big Thinking: Webinar Series

Join our Big Data experts as they share valuable insight and real-world examples of how to harness the full potential of all data. You’ll learn how to use Big Data solutions to improve operations, increase efficiency, shrink costs, and enable real-time business – while achieving your biggest company goals.

Colleagues reviewing Big Data insights on a smartphone

How to Mine the Big Data Opportunity

Focus on the opportunities, not the obstacles presented by Big Data. Read this white paper to assess your data maturity, learn how to identify use cases, create the right technology infrastructure, improve data mining – and determine how many data scientists your company will actually need.

Traffic speeding down a city highway at night

Why Big Data Volumes Need Fewer Lanes

Learn how to take full advantage of all your data – now and in the future – without adding complexity to your IT environment. In this blog post, SAP’s chief technology officer, Irfan Khan, explains how top organizations are dramatically simplifying data management with a single, scalable IT platform.

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The Latest Big Data Technologies

Explore SAP’s technology and platform solutions – and learn how they can help you acquire, analyze, and act on Big Data insights faster.

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Taking Your Data Beyond the Hype

It’s not the amount of data – it’s what you do with it that counts. Learn how to create a successful Big Data strategy for your company.

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The Value of All Data: Where to Find It

Learn about the new Big Data analytics, data warehouses, and strategies that can help you extract maximum value from all data.

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How Do You Govern Big Data?

Evolve your information governance strategy to ensure Big Data accuracy, privacy, and trust. This Radcliffe white paper tells you how.

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*90% of the world’s data has been created in the last two years"; Source: Science Daily
**Big Data is on pace to be a $50B industry by 2017"; Source: Wikibon
***10B+ FB messages and 500M tweets are posted by users every day"; Source: Social Barrel