SAP Business ByDesign

Software-as-a-Service Made Simple

As organizations grow, the applications that have historically supported the business become inadequate. Learn how SAP Business ByDesign, a cloud-based solution from SAP, can help you manage your business today, and be the foundation to support your growth in the future.

 Businessman walking onto escalator thinking about adopting Saas for his company
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Featured Demos

Man looking up tips for evaluating cloud-based business solutions

Trying to Evaluate On-Demand Software?

Get tips for evaluating cloud-based business solutions for small and medium enterprises. Our Webcast provides you with detailed criteria, and a methodology for evaluating the best on-demand business solution for SMEs.

A woman sitting outside working on her laptop accessing her applications for business

A Day in the Life

What if your business was taking off, but you didn't have the systems to support your potential growth. Watch what your story might look like with SAP Business ByDesign.

Clouds representing on-demand solutions

Discover SAP Business ByDesign

Get the power of a large-scale business management solution without having to invest in an IT infrastructure. Discover SAP Business ByDesign – a fully integrated on-demand business management solution for growing small and medium enterprises.

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Additional Demos

Analyzing Financial Performance

See how financial and line managers are using the solution's embedded analytics to review financial performance, drill down to details, and pinpoint reasons for variances.

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Project Management Analytics

Help your project managers track performance and, stay on schedule – and on budget – with our analytic solutions that give clear insight into project performance.

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Manage the Order to Cash Processes

See how SAP Business ByDesign can enable end-to-end processes across organizational boundaries – such as sales, fulfillment, customer invoicing, and accounts receivable – to help you streamline business processes and increase cash flow.

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Finance and Managerial Accounting

See how small and medium businesses enterprises can deploy a flexible general ledger that automatically links your financial transactions to organizational structures – to provide robust financial and management reporting.

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Manage Multiple Accounting Standards

See how SAP Business ByDesign can help you manage multiple accounting standards, currencies, and financial reporting for all your operating units.

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Close the Books Faster

Accelerate your financial close and streamline your core accounting processes with our financial management solution. Plus, reduce demands on your staff through improved collaboration and workflow.

Watch the demo ›

Accounts Payable Processing

Streamline your accounts payable with SAP functionality that improves the efficiency of invoice processing, provides greater insight into cash availability, and accelerates payment approvals.

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Automate Operational Accounting

See how SAP Business ByDesign can help alleviate your administrative workload by automating core accounting processes.

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Manage Cash and Liquidity

See how our cash and liquidity management functionality can help you gain visibility and control over cash flows while improving forecasting accuracy.

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Integrated Business Management

Integrate your company's key business functions and provide business users the information they need to make better, faster decisions.

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Campaign to Quote Management

See how our marketing and sales management solutions can help improve marketing campaign effectiveness, hand leads off to sales, and turn opportunities into wins.

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Manage Sales Strategy

Achieve revenue targets with marketing and sales management solutions that can help optimize lead generation, improve opportunity management, and close deals faster.

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Manage Customer Field Service

See how our customer service solution can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of field service and help desk professionals.

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Improve Project Management Effectiveness

See how the project management functionality in SAP Business ByDesign can help you manage projects more effectively, and ensure on-time and on-budget completion.

Watch the demo ›

Project Resource Management

Improve project management with tools that help your team view their assigned work, manage tasks, make updates in real time, and collaborate with others.

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Accounting and Organization Management

See how you can simplify organization management and configure your accounting systems to more easily and reliably analyze financial and operational data.

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Source Project Resources

See how Business ByDesign's project management solutions can help your managers keep projects on schedule by easily adding contract staff when necessary.

Watch the demo ›

Supplier Invoicing

Ensure your invoice processing is quick and compliant with our supplier invoicing solution that streamlines workflows and provides a complete accounting trail.

Watch the demo ›