Outplay your larger competitors with SAP SME software

Use your size to your advantage with our portfolio of affordable, pre-packaged software solutions for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and subsidiaries. Our business management, BI, and mobile solutions are designed to work together and with your existing infrastructure – at a price that's right for your growing company.

Introducing 0% financing for SMEs
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Explore our SME solutions

Learn how SAP solutions support small and medium enterprises – and how we can help you succeed.

Woman walking into a retail store holding a sale

Our SME Retail Customers Play to Win

Small and midsize companies in all industries rely on SAP to help them meet their ambitious goals. Meet some of our customers in the retail industry – and learn how they’re using SAP to grow sustainably, wow customers, boost profitability, and more.

Volunteers helping to plant food

Goodwill And Good Business Sense

2014. 8. 5


I’m not going to lie. After a simple day of volunteering, I feel like a superhero. Knee deep digging businessmen is holding out a red heartgardens, ladling scalding hot soup, hauling trash – when I volunteer, I know I’m...

Employees from Feeding America helping people collect food

Feeding America: Creating a Better World

Technology has the power to transform lives – from improving healthcare to delivering aid more efficiently and bringing communities closer together. Learn how SAP is helping one national relief organization feed 37 million hungry Americans.

Business meeting in a professional kitchen

Work With a Local Partner

Our partners can help you choose, deploy, service, and extend your SAP SME software.