SAP Lumira

Get rapid insights from your data with agile visualization

Access the data you need and discover insights that can be shared with others. In just a few clicks, SAP Lumira lets you combine multiple data sources to get the big picture and granular details together. Using beautiful visualizations and a drag and drop interface, explore and analyze outliers and trends to maximize your data knowledge.

  • Connect to your data – big and small – and blend multiple data sources in the same view
  • Deliver faster time-to-insight with agile, intuitive data visualizations
  • Show the “where” of your data using interactive maps and geolocations
  • Speed decision making with quick, fact-based answers to business questions
  • Share new insights via the cloud – for rapid time-to-action


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Get SAP Lumira: Free Download

Get SAP Lumira for free and experience agile visualization in just a few clicks. See how easy it is to quickly identify trends and convey insight by accessing, combining, and visualizing your data – all without IT’s help.

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Rapid Insights from Your Data

Discover how you can create agile visualizations that combine data from multiple sources into a single view. SAP Lumira redefines self-service BI and provides one of the fastest ways to get answers from your data – both big and small.

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Survey: Agile BI is key to greater success

In a survey of 330 global business intelligence (BI) decision makers, Forrester found strong correlations between overall company success and adoption of innovative BI, analytics, and Big Data tools. Read the key findings in this insightful infographic.

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