SAP Bills of Material rapid-deployment solution

Automate production structures and synchronize BOMs

Generate value across your production chain by aligning your engineering and manufacturing structures. With an integrated software-and-services solution, you can quickly automate and accurately document your production structures for synchronizing and managing engineering bills of materials (eBOMs) and manufacturing bills of materials (mBOMs).

  • Define product structures for eBOMs and mBOMs
  • Monitor and compare structure changes to eBOMs and mBOMs
  • Manage data handovers – quickly
  • Reduce data errors, improve manufacturing information, and control data security
A manufacturing worker scanning a BOM’s barcode
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Piggy bank representing cost savings

Get Pricing

The base price for the implementation of the SAP software is $66,900 USD* and does not include maintenance or other negotiated services or fees.

* Prices shown here may differ from the local prices.