SAP Recycling Administration

Control recycling compliance, cost, and risk with our recycling administration software

Take responsibility for recycling your products – and comply with legislation and retailer mandates. Our recycling administration software helps your organization meet reporting and documentation requirements for WEEE, manage recycling declaration and payment processes more efficiently, and reduce the risk and cost of reporting.

  • Boost efficiency and cut cost by centralizing knowledge and documentation management
  • Improve data integrity with accurate tracking of packaging, covered products, and batteries
  • Handle your ability to comply with government and industry requirements
  • Minimize rework by successfully passing audits
  • Get a thorough understanding of your recycling costs
  • Gain advantage by proactively adopting packaging sustainability standards from distributors
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Featured Resources

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Dow Corning: Complying with Regulations

Hear Dirk Krüger from Dow Corning explain how the global silicon technology producer complies with regulations for packaging, transport of dangerous goods, imports, and exports. Dow Corning can create packaging-waste reports for European countries overnight, with SAP Recycling Administration.

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E-Book: Driving Sustainable Operations

Browse this resource rich e-book to find out how SAP technology can help your organization protect workers from accidents, proactively address risk, maximize transparency – and become more environmentally friendly and sustainable in your operations.

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Meeting Global WEEE Regulations

Get an in-depth view of global trends, regulations, challenges, and solutions on packaging, electrical, and electronic equipment and batteries. Studying practices in North America, Europe, Latin America, and Asia-Pacific, the global analyst firm Perchards has the details for you.

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