SAP Enterprise Demand Sensing

Demand Sensing: A better way to guarantee stock availability, lower costs, and boost sales

Make smarter inventory decisions and improve demand management – with SAP Enterprise Demand Sensing (EDS). This cutting-edge software uses predictive analytics to help determine daily demand according to item, location, or customer segment – so you can improve your product availability and reduce expediting costs.

  • Foresee changes in demand sooner – and boost sales by predicting and reducing stock-outs
  • Use near-term demand forecasts to improve deployment, safety stock, and transportation plans
  • Analyze internal and downstream demand signals to identify sales and shipment patterns
  • Tap into big picture insights to improve consensus forecasts
  • Improve collaboration with partners via embedded analytics and collaboration tools
  • Move beyond micro-forecasting with enterprise-scale predictive analytics
Businesswoman standing in front of an upward trend on a graph
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