SAP EHS Safety Issue Mobile App

Make every worker a risk management deputy with our employee safety software app

Don't let any employee safety issue go undetected. Enlist your entire workforce in maximizing employee safety by enabling them to quickly log issues with the SAP EHS Safety Issue mobile app. Reports go from their mobile device – anytime, anywhere – right into your EHS incident management solution.

  • Report employee safety issues on any mobile device – when and where the issue is detected
  • Attach up to four pictures or videos to fully document the discovery
  • Augment any images with a recording of a spoken description
  • Keep tabs on all employee safety reports sorting them by date, issue, or status
An iPhone with the SAP EHS Safety Issue mobile app
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Worker using mobile app on a smartphone

SAP EHS Safety Issue: Overview Video

Watch this video to see how you can allow your workers to log safety issues with their mobile devices by taking photos or videos.

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