SAP NetWeaver Portal Enterprise Workspaces

Empower users to create and share personal and team workspaces with our workspaces software

Make it easier for business users to share their ideas, experience, and knowledge on custom, flexible workspaces supported by SAP NetWeaver Portal Enterprise Workspaces software. With shared workspaces, your business can benefit from more satisfied and productive users without sacrificing IT governance.

  • Increase productivity by allowing business users to create personalized workspaces
  • Empower employees with self-service, IT-independent functions for workspace management
  • Maintain IT control by leveraging security policies already in place for SAP NetWeaver Portal
Colleagues using workspaces software to collaborate in a shared environment
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Colleagues using employee self-service tools supported by workspaces software

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Learn how enterprise workspaces can empower your business users to create flexible, self-service work environments that support increased productivity and collaboration, while maintaining IT controls.

Colleagues using workspaces software to collaborate on a project

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Business men talking about building enterprise portals with workspaces software

Build Your Enterprise Workspace

Connect with your peers, SAP professionals, and industry experts to get the latest best practices and resources for building enterprise workspaces with SAP NetWeaver Portal Enterprise Workspaces.

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