SAP Enterprise Support Report: Overview Video

See how the SAP Enterprise Support report can help your company identify further optimization potential and help your IT system landscape run more efficiently.

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    • So your company has an SAP solution environment. It works great, gets your company the insight it needs, and does exactly what it’s supposed to do. But if you could get more out of it — if it could work faster, or help to introduce new and innovative business processes — wouldn’t you want to know? What if there was an issue or an opportunity for further optimization potential? What if there were an existing upgrade that would help your IT landscape to run more efficiently or open new horizons for certain business areas, wouldn’t you want it? SAP Enterprise Support, the SAP premier level of support, provides you with the SAP Enterprise Support Report that does exactly that. Not only is it fun to say. It’s extremely useful. The SAP Enterprise Support Report focuses on getting the most out of your SAP investment, deploying cool new stuff easier and faster, making sure your systems run smoothly and where they can be made to run better and most importantly, spend less money to make it all happen. But you don’t just get some sheet of paper with stats and facts on it. An SAP expert sits down with you and walks you through it all, offering their personal expertise to help set an action plan in motion and leverage the right support services from SAP. With the SAP Enterprise Support Report, you could stay focused on tracking the real problems and get the customized information you need to resolve issues jointly with SAP. It keeps you ahead of the technology, instead of chasing it. Wouldn’t you like a clear-cut review of your software environment including all critical business processes and areas to accelerate innovation so you know you’re staying ahead? Maybe you should look into SAP Enterprise Support. Click the link to learn more.
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