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Small and Midsize Enterprises

Grow simply with SAP SME Solutions

Spend more time actively growing your company – with SAP SME software designed and priced for small and midsize enterprises. On premise or in the cloud, our scalable solutions work with your existing infrastructure to help you run more efficiently. Choose from affordable business management software and industry-specific ERP solutions. It's time to run simple.


How small and midsize businesses Run Live in the digital economy

Growing a business in the digital economy isn’t easy.A company using live system technology can fine-tune its decision-making to create business value in the moment.

Digital Transformation is a journey, not a destination

Watch the video: Thriving in the Digital Economy, to find out how some benefits of digital transformation – from proprietary research from IDC.

Digital Transformation in the United Kingdom

Companies need to shake off apathy, and focus on acquiring the technology to drive sustainable growth. Otherwise they risk being left out of an increasingly digital global economy.

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Explore SAP products and expertise for your business needs

Manage your business & finances

Take advantage of world-class ERP and expense management software for small, midsize, and upper-midsize businesses. Streamline financials, expense reporting, HR, procurement, and more. 

Manage your customer experience

Deliver a consistent and meaningful customer experience across every channel. Improve sales, marketing, and customer service interactions – and link in-store and e-commerce processes. 

Manage and empower your people

Support your growing business with HR software that can help you recruit and develop talent, automate workforce processes, create employee strategies, manage employee travel, and more. 

Manage your business insights

Get the insights you need to make informed decisions and run your small or midsize business more effectively – with SAP’s analytics, business intelligence (BI), and reporting tools. 

When you’re playing against the big guys, make sure your business is live

Growth is Live

See what it means for small and medium business to Run Live

Run your business in the moment

SMEs are using real-time business management solutions to improve everything from operations to customer engagement. Read this Forbes Insight report to learn how live insights are helping companies like yours create value and satisfy customers at every opportunity.  

How SMEs can thrive in digital economy

The digital economy has placed ever increasing pressure on companies to respond live. IDC surveyed 3,210 small and medium-sized businesses from 11 countries to see how they’re adapting. Read the brief to learn from their digital transformations and experiences.  

Find an SAP Partner

SAP Partners play a key role in helping organisations of all sizes – across all industries – transform and run their businesses. They can help you buy, build, implement, service, and support the SAP solution that best fits your unique needs. Find a trusted professional to work with today.

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