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  • "GreenBlue: Meet Our Customer Video" >

    GreenBlue Inc. delivers cost savings and lowers carbon emissions through an injection of a hydrogen-based catalyst into diesel engines for more efficient fuel combustion. SAP® Business All-in-One was implemented in just four weeks to better commercialize its own innovative technology as efficiently as possible.

  • "Manage Travel, Control Corporate Travel Costs, and Increase Compliance" >

    Learn how to streamline the trip lifecycle to better control travel expenses and help ensure compliance with corporate and legal policies. Find out how SAP solutions help integrate financial processes for faster reconciliation and payments with reduced errors, and better cash management.

  • "Fast, Trusted Data Migration to Your SAP Solutions" >

    Find out how companies are using the package for rapid data migration to SAP ERP and SAP CRM to solve the problem of bad data from legacy systems and mergers. Data is cleansed and transformed to target formats, validated, and loaded into SAP ERP and SAP CRM to support efficient core processes and decision making.

  • "Extend Your Reach and Accelerate Receivables Processes" >

    Learn how SAP Customer Financial infosheet gives your business managers and sales executives real-time information to negotiate and close more profitable deals. They can collaborate with the back office on collections and dispute resolution with an app tailored to a mobile lifestyle.

  • "SAP Employee and Manager Self-Service rapid-deployment solution" >

    Empower your employees by automating your HR processes – and see a quick return on investment. Our rapid-deployment solution can help you improve productivity and reduce administrative costs, cycle time, and error rates.

  • "Neptune Group" >

    Neptune Group was managing data and operations using an ERP system that was not providing sufficient results. To keep up with growth, it needed greater visibility into operations and enhanced management control. With the SAP ERP application, Neptune Group now has significantly increased efficiency, thanks to greater insight into operations.

  • "SAP Personnel Administration and Organization Management rapid-deployment solution" >

    Optimise HR performance and reduce HR workloads by providing the self-services that enable employee to manage their personnel records and employment lifecycle. You can also establish the HR processes and personnel structures that can optimise your organisation’s HCM performance .

  • "Making Every Project Business a Best-Run Business" >

    Take an in-depth look at how SAP Commercial Project Management is helping companies manage commercial projects – with a single user interface to help professionals oversee entire projects. They can centrally control and accelerate project-related processes for greater efficiency and profitability.

  • "Pirelli: Winning the Race for Service Excellence with SAP HANA and SAP ActiveEmbedded" >

    See how a leading manufacturer of performance tires decided to win the race for service excellence by leveraging SAP ActiveEmbedded services for supporting and maintaining an SAP HANA database, giving the company near-real-time data to help ensure that products are delivered to distributors at precisely the right time.

  • "Optimize Workforce Management – and Operate More Efficiently and Competitively" >

    Discover how you can transform employees into competitive assets that promote shopper loyalty with SAP Workforce Management. The software helps ensure the right level of staffing for your stores during all hours of operation, while optimizing costs and giving managers more time to focus on business and employee needs.

  • "Innovations in Receivables Management" >

    Read about the way SAP tools for receivables management can address the complete order-to-cash cycle, provide greater financial visibility into your customer base, and help you manage receivables more effectively. Learn how innovations such as SAP HANA and mobile apps help improve efficiency of overall operations.

  • "SAP ERP powered by SAP HANA" >

    Watch the SAP ERP powered by SAP HANA at Ferrero video .

  • "FRS Global: Customer Testimonial Video" >

    Learn how FRS global, international provider of regulatory & risk reporting solutions for the banking industry, uses SAP midmarket solutions to drive efficiency and easy to use end-to-end processes. Hear why the 350 employee company chose SAP Business All-in-One with integrated BI and CRM functionality and Duet.

  • "BRAL Taps SAP Business One to Give Clients Web Self-Service" >

    See how professional services firm BRAL – which outsources accounting support – combined SAP Business One with iDocuments from Synantix to offer global customers a cutting-edge Web service.

  • "Essar Steel Limited" >

    Essar Steel Limited is using the variant configurator functionality of the SAP ERP Operations solution to map products, manage diverse stockkeeping units, and respond to markets faster by embedding expert metallurgical knowledge into the system.

  • "Pacific Drilling Customer Testimonial Video" >

    Learn how Pacific Drilling implemented SAP solution in 16 weeks. Pacific Drilling chose SAP for its trusted solution and built in best practices. The use of SAP was needed to be quicker, to make better decisions with more information and to prepare for growth. SAP delivers an IT system that is reliable and efficient.

  • "SAP ERP for Manufacturing rapid-deployment solution " >

    Optimise your most important manufacturing operations. With this integrated solution, you can streamline your core end-to-end business processes: order-to-cash, forecast-to-stock, time-to-market and procure-to-pay. You can also improve your financial management performance.

  • "Gulf Cement" >

    See how the largest cement producer in the UAE made sales processing more efficient by implementing SAP ERP, enabling the company to improve margins and credit management, increase the accuracy of product delivery estimates by 90%, and achieve 360-degree profitability analysis across all lines of business.

  • "Direct Store Delivery for Consumer Products Companies" >

    Learn how sales representatives and consumer products organizations can use SAP Direct Store Delivery to achieve business best practices and streamlined processes for improved sales, pricing, distribution, and customer satisfaction.

  • "Bayer Material Science: Customer Testimonial Video" >

    Learn how Bayer Material Science uses SAP CRM to fully standardise and optimise their business processes down to their production assets. With SAP their whole customer interface becomes more efficient. With a single SAP system that supports the organisation they have full transparency over the whole supply chain.


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