Corporate Social Responsibility

SAP viewed the mosaic of diversity presented by India as a unique opportunity since the inception of its operations in India. In a milieu where multiple cultures coexist in a single nation, the road is mired with challenges that do not always meet the eye. SAP believes that only an all round development of the society can sustain business development of customers. Towards this end the organization is relentlessly working to transform the geography and meet the challenges. Through a multitude of programs aimed specifically at transforming localities into hubs of intellectual development, we have been quietly bringing a smile on the faces of the deserving yet unfortunate strata of the society. In a vibrant economy that has been growing steadily in the recent years, we see this as an extension of our relationship with India. By empowering the society and developing their skill set, we invest in the belief that a stronger future for the community shall be the reason for a stronger future for SAP too.

SAP Labs Corporate Social Responsibility program in India supports a wide range of projects and activities – from corporate philanthropy to an attempt to bridge the digital divide. The program demonstrates that incorporating community stakeholders into our business network not only supports corporate goals and responsibility, but also encourages nonprofit organizations to promote social change in a positive and sustainable way.

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