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New MVP for Fantasy Football fans 

NFL recruited SAP to help build a Player Comparison Tool for more stats, faster insights, and extra thrills.

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Early Birds catch SAP Ariba Live savings

Join us in Las Vegas March 20-22 to discover new ways to connect with people and information, hear about innovative changes in buying and selling, and learn how your business can be a digital transformation success story. 

3 days can transform your HR universe

Attend SAP SuccessConnect 2017, April 3-5 in Las Vegas, and learn from SAP SuccessFactors experts and international thought leaders how to successfully execute digital transformation. Early Bird rates until January 31. 

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Machine Learning, the New High-Tech Focus for Cybersecurity

High-tech cyber-defense will place a new emphasis on detecting attacks, as opposed to simply preventing them, according to Nextgov. Machine learning could see a lot wider adoption — and greater success against cyber-attacks — this year.

SAP Leonardo – Empowering Live Business by Connecting Things with People and Processes

The Internet of Things is no longer approaching – it’s here. To run a truly live business in this new age, you need to connect the world of smart devices with people and processes. 

How Machine Learning Enables the Intelligent Enterprise

When Google’s AlphaGo algorithm beat the Go world champion in 2016, it became apparent that machine learning had arrived and would significantly shape the future. 

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