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SAP Learning Hub: Free Discovery Edition See how easy it can be to tap into the vast SAP Education knowledge base – 24/7 – for free. Watch the 1-minute video
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Training and Education Spotlights

Live Webinar: Defining a Day-One Approach to

Discover new ways to prepare, manage and execute on change across all applications and business processes from day one. Wednesday, July 2 at 1pm SGT or 2pm CET, or Wednesday, July 9 at 1pm EST.

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SAPPHIRE NOW Orlando: Watch Conference Replays

Get unlimited access to popular keynotes, sessions, and interviews on today’s hottest technology topics. Browse our videos on demand – including the opening keynote by SAP CEO Bill McDermott.

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Why Cloud-Based Learning Is Here to Stay

Read why cloud-based enterprise learning like SAP Learning Hub is here to stay – in this American Society for Training & Development (ASTD) article by Ruth Weiss.

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Train Without Travel Via Virtual Live Classrooms

Virtual live classrooms give you the best of both worlds: the same course material offered in our standard, live classroom setting delivered in an instructor-led, virtual environment.

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IDG Video: Do More With Less Via Classic Delivery Learning

Discover how you can cost-effectively bring your end users up to speed with classic, blended learning tools that help build and deliver training content in over 40 languages.

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